What is How to Live it?

How To Live It is your guide to the newest and best home-entertainment and mobile tech. The experts at Stuff.tv and Whathifi.com, with support from LG, will show how it can enrich your life - and how you can make the most of now. It is a place to escape, to learn and, simply, to make life good.

HipHopa Music

Why you should listen to… hip hop

Hip hop gets a bad rap. Whether it’s being accused of glorifying gang culture and violence, perpetuating misogyny and homophobia or shacking up with capitalism, there are few music genres that get more criticised. And that’s before we even start on all that swearing… Verity Burns goes on the defence…

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western TV + Film

Why you should watch… westerns

It’s 50 years since Clint Eastwood first saddled up as the Man With No Name. To mark the occasion, whathifi.com’s Stephen Graves dons his stetson, six-gun and spurs and, dressed like the most ridiculous man in London, hits the trail.

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Jazz2a Music

Why you should listen to… jazz

In the eyes (and ears) of most listeners, there’s only one thing less fashionable than classical music – and that’s jazz. The common image of jazz is a result of its enthusiasts… But don’t be put off. Andrew Everard argues its case…

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ThrashMetalLow Music

Why you should listen to… Thrash Metal

Following Metallica’s barnstorming set at Glastonbury, it’s time to welcome a bit of heaviness into your life. Feel free to do that devil-horns thing with your fingers as Steve Bidmead dives into the mosh pit…

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