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How To Live It is your guide to the newest and best home-entertainment and mobile tech. The experts at Stuff.tv and Whathifi.com, with support from LG, will show how it can enrich your life - and how you can make the most of now. It is a place to escape, to learn and, simply, to make life good.

FootballNowTVa Tech

Match made… NOW TV exclusive to LG

Smart TVs are a great example of futuristic tech that’s available right now. Instantly streaming the latest shows and sports to your telly without a set-top box feels a little like witchcraft – but it’s a brilliant way of finding exciting new things to watch.

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western TV + Film

Why you should watch… westerns

It’s 50 years since Clint Eastwood first saddled up as the Man With No Name. To mark the occasion, whathifi.com’s Stephen Graves dons his stetson, six-gun and spurs and, dressed like the most ridiculous man in London, hits the trail.

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SoccerSaturdaya Sport

When Saturday comes… how do you watch?

For many residents of the UK, Saturday afternoon is a sacred time. It’s a time for quiet contemplation, sometimes even prayer. “Please, please try not to lose again this week, you idiots.” It’s all part of the ritual. FourFourTwo’s James Maw reviews a weekend ritual…

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Lockers1 TV + Film

Seven of the best… high-school movies

Children wail and parents breathe a sigh of relief: it’s back to school time. Verity Burn’s pick of the best high-school movies will either bathe your education in a halcyon glow or trigger a raging flashback…

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Docklandsa Tech

Remember… 1987?

Windows broke, a newly privatised British Airways sprang into being and one Lionel Messi was born, already wearing shinpads, legend has it. Here’s our round-up of the newsworthy notes of 1987.

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ForrestGumpRunninga TV + Film

Three things you must watch this weekend

We’ve gone chronological this week, picking three films from 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and 30 years ago for you to get your swerve on with this weekend. Fire up your cinematic DeLorean (and your TV) and come with us…

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joker TV + Film

Five incredible posthumous performances

The late Philip Seymour Hoffman is gracing our screens once again in God’s Pocket – hitting cinemas this week. To mark the occasion, we take a look back at some of the finest films that were released following the death of their stars.

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