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How To Live It is your guide to the newest and best home-entertainment and mobile tech. The experts at Stuff.tv and Whathifi.com, with support from LG, will show how it can enrich your life - and how you can make the most of now. It is a place to escape, to learn and, simply, to make life good.

OLED_video Tech

OLED v LED: here’s a cool video explaining

And of course we would say that – it’s a video produced by LG. But this is video does give a great explanation of the benefits of OLED televisions. And it’s only LG that are making these TVs – they really are the future of telly.

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Computer-network-ethernet-router-hub Tech

Remember… 1983?

We’re starting to catch up. Thirty-one years ago, you could use a computer with a mouse, your PC could get a virus and the modern internet had become a reality…

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Google-Cardboard-1 Tech

Friday tea break

It’s Friday afternoon! Everyone’s been paid! Wimbledon is on! It’s (a bit) sunny! Stop doing the thing you get paid for and start looking at these things instead!

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Airplane!-screengrab Tech

Remember… 1980?

Jon Crampin steps into How To Live It’s most excellent time-travelling phone-booth and dials up 1980, stepping out into a world of drum machines, Olympic controversies and calculator watches…

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1984_remember Tech

Remember… 1984?

The dystopian vision of war and political deception explored in George Orwell’s 1949 masterwork ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ did not quite materialise – but this was certainly a year of drama. Hello again, 1984…

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Virus Tech

Remember… 1982?

Emoticons, computer viruses, war, intruders in the Queen’s bedroom – bad things happened in 1982. We forgive it, though, because the year also brought us some cool inventions

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Football-crowd-cheering Sport

The Tech World Cup

What if the World Cup was decided not by the brilliance of a Messi or the lack of positional awareness of a Glen Johnson, but by the relative gadget excellence of the nations taking part? Stuff.tv’s Marc McLaren is in the commentary box…

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Walkman1 Tech

Remember… 1979?

It was the year of the Walkman, Monty Python’s Life of Brian and a small invention that eventually had a bit of an impact… the cellphone. Not bad for a 12-month stretch. Steve Bidmead remembers

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