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rubbish lyrics2 Music

They said what? When lyrics go wrong

Pop music isn’t known for its lyrical prowess, but sometimes the grammar clangers are so bad that they ruin an entire song. What Hi-Fi? editor Simon Lucas puts on his ranting cap and gets stuck in

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HipHopa Music

Why you should listen to… hip hop

Hip hop gets a bad rap. Whether it’s being accused of glorifying gang culture and violence, perpetuating misogyny and homophobia or shacking up with capitalism, there are few music genres that get more criticised. And that’s before we even start on all that swearing… Verity Burns goes on the defence…

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SoundMain Tech

Why you need a soundbar: rising star

You have an HDTV, a fine selection of Blu-rays, subscribe to all the HD channels you can and stream loads of HD content. Then you listen to it all through the tiny speakers stuffed into the sides of your TV… You need an audio upgrade.

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