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Now_TV_cricket TV + Film

Three things to watch this weekend

It’s the height of the summer sporting season and, with the World Cup is a distant, German memory, there’s a chance for non-football events to grab your attention. Three massive ones this weekend – take your pick and settle in…

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BBCSport_app_smart_WebOs TV + Film

Total coverage: BBC Sport App for Smart TV

Even if the British trophy cabinet hasn’t been overflowed with silverware, it’s a bonkers summer of sport. There have been massive events both on these shores and overseas. And it’s not done yet. That’s why the BBC Sport Smart TV app is playing an increasingly important role in all sports fans’ lives.

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Video-cameraman-shoot-footage Tech

How to shoot perfect video… every time

Whether you’re using a dedicated camera, a compact snapper or a smartphone, a little care and planning will have you shooting great footage every time. How To Live It’s very own cameraman, editor and director Tas Underwood reveals his top tips

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