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Three things to watch this weekend

This week has been all about IFA. And, while we turn a virulent shade of green at the thought of our colleagues goggling the latest gadgets in Berlin without us, we are at least able to go to bed at a reasonable hour. God, we’re old.

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SoccerSaturdaya Sport

When Saturday comes… how do you watch?

For many residents of the UK, Saturday afternoon is a sacred time. It’s a time for quiet contemplation, sometimes even prayer. “Please, please try not to lose again this week, you idiots.” It’s all part of the ritual. FourFourTwo’s James Maw reviews a weekend ritual…

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FootballNowTVa Tech

Match made… NOW TV exclusive to LG

Smart TVs are a great example of futuristic tech that’s available right now. Instantly streaming the latest shows and sports to your telly without a set-top box feels a little like witchcraft – but it’s a brilliant way of finding exciting new things to watch.

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FootballTVA Sport

What is football club TV really like…?

You know those channels you flick past or never subscribe to – the football club channels? Well, they’ve had a rich and varied existence – and aren’t quite as maddening as you might imagine. FourFourTwo.com’s James Maw went watching…

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