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ForrestGumpRunninga TV + Film

Three things you must watch this weekend

We’ve gone chronological this week, picking three films from 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and 30 years ago for you to get your swerve on with this weekend. Fire up your cinematic DeLorean (and your TV) and come with us…

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Film_Noir_Femme_Fatale TV + Film

Why you should watch… film noir

With Sin City 2 bringing femme fatales and hard-boiled detectives to the screen once more, Stuff.tv’s Stephen Graves takes us on a journey through the mean streets of the grittiest genre of all.

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Mir_Space_Station1 Tech

Remember… 1986?

The year of Pixar, space stations and portable computers: the mid-80s were a time when the future finally started to deliver. Here are the highlights.

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Home-theatre-set-up Tech

Home theatre audio masterclass

Bunging a home cinema system in your living room will improve the sound of your television. But to make it sound absolutely tip-top, it’s worth putting in a little extra care…

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