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5 great political films

Bringing down Presidents, riling Her Maj and Brits getting sweary across the pond: here are the best political thrillers, satires and dramas

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LG-65EG960V-4K-OLED TV + Film


Don’t know the difference between LED and OLED? What Hi-Fi? editor Simon Lucas is here to help, and to offer a glimpse into a future of rolled-up TVs…

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cruuuuise TV + Film

It’s the How To Live It Hollywood Stunt Awards!

Whether it’s the computer-generated Jurassic Park’s awesome T-Rex, James Cameron’s utopian Pandora in Avatar, or digitally bulking up Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider – CGI is everywhere in modern films. More’s the pity: in the good old days if it looked like someone was risking life and limb on celluloid, they really were.

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