What is How to Live it?

How To Live It is your guide to the newest and best home-entertainment and mobile tech. The experts at Stuff.tv and Whathifi.com, with support from LG, will show how it can enrich your life - and how you can make the most of now. It is a place to escape, to learn and, simply, to make life good.

eljee Music

LG Music Flow app walkthrough

LG’s Music Flow is an incredible line-up of audio hardware to bring music to every room of your home. But good hardware demands good software – enter the Music Flow app

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tech-flops Tech

7 of the biggest tech flops ever

Pity the boffin. He slaves away for months in his R&D lab. Designing. Tweaking. Building. And then, after his creation gets consigned to the tech trash, he appears in one of these lists. But still: you know what roses grow out of…

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blimp Tech

7 futuristic gadgets in the here and now

From hoverboards to hyperloops, there are loads of seemingly futuristic bits of tech that are either here RIGHT NOW or just over the horizon. Our resident boffins present seven reasons to feel very optimistic about the near future.

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