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  • Author Esat Dedezade
  • Published December 30, 2015

How to keep your outlandish New Year fitness resolutions

The battle of the bulge doesn’t always have to be a struggle. Not with these apps to help you

running app

As the last wrapper falls to the floor, you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a window and survey yourself.


You ate them all. Even the orange creme one – your least favourite of all the Quality Street roster. Never mind that you’d already eaten enough turkey to feed a family of four.


We’ll let you off though. Mostly because it’s Christmas, and we’re going to do exactly the same thing. Like you, we’re probably going to convince ourselves that we’ll burn off all the extra weight in the New Year, thanks to a Green Tea Diet and intensive Akram Yoga sessions.


We won’t follow through with it of course. We never do. If only we had a list of apps and accessories that could help us out. If only…


Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal (free)
90% of weight loss begins in the kitchen. Or more specifically, what you choose to shove (or not shove) into your mouth. You can do all the crunches in the world, but if more calories are going in at a faster rate than you’re burning them, you’re never going to slim down.


Calorie counting apps like this one are a solid way to sure that everything you eat is accounted for. With a vast database of food, you’ll be able to easily track your intake, to make sure you’re eating at a deficit every day. It’s a great way to guilt-trip you into eating healthy.
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Google Fit (free)




The Big G’s own fitness app is designed to track your exercise automatically, letting you get on with your lunchtime walks and cycle routes without having to remember to manually log anything. You can track calories burned and distance travelled, and it’s particularly good at integrating with Android Wear devices. Speaking of which…
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Moto 360 Sport (£219)




Moto’s latest Android-powered smartwatch offers all the notification, search and music control functionality of its other smart timepiece brothers, but it has the rare addition of built-in GPS powers. That means you can take it on a run or a bike ride and track your route without having to worry about carting around a bulky smartphone. Throw in some Bluetooth headphones, and you can even listen to music straight off the watch itself. It’ll sync itself up with the Google Fit app once you get home, so you’ll never miss a step.
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Monster iSport Bluetooth headphones (£130)




If you’re out and about pounding pavements, then the last thing you’re going to want around your noggin is a bulky pair of cans that’ll either slip off your roast your ears. In-ear headphones are the way to go, but not all are made equal. This slim, light pair from Monster is sweat resistant and designed to stay securely in place during use. They’re wireless too, which means no annoying cables to get snagged on tree branches.
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Adidas Ultra Boost (£130)




Your preferred running trainers will of course be unique to you, but Adidas’ latest pair is as good a place as any to start. The special bouncy sole material returns energy with each and every step, ensuring for a faster, more comfortable run. A lightweight Primeknit upper layer should also keep you cool while reducing irritation too.
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Pocket Yoga (£1.89)




Once you’ve got the exercise and diet part sorted, there’s still more you can do. Despite the fact that exercise is good for you, it can make you more prone to injury. A sprain or a pulled muscles is a great way to slow you down, but you can avoid it. Making your body more flexible with stretches and yoga exercises is a fantastic way to keep everything working as intended. You won’t have to cart yourself off to a weekly class either – the Pocket Yoga app serves up hundreds of different poses with instructional videos to let you get your stretch on in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
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Strava Running and Cycling (free)
If you prefer pedalling away to running along pavements then Strava is one of the best cycling apps around. It lets you track and discover new routes, while serving up all the distance, speed and calories details you’ll ever need. You can connect to other people’s accounts too, throwing a bit of friendly competition into the mix. There’s nothing like a leaderboard to light up the fires of motivation. Just remember to stretch the calves before you put yourself out of action.
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