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  • Author Becky Roberts
  • Published December 25, 2015

The Ho-Ho-How To Live It advent calendar – December 25: Film stunts

Need a pick-me-up after stuffing yourself with turkey? Then get re-energised with the greatest movie stunts of the year

mad max

Not long ago we did a piece on film stunts through the ages, and it got us thinking: 2015 has been a knockout year for the Hollywood stunt industry.


Spectre blasted into the Guinness World Book of Records for the largest stunt explosion in cinema history; Tom Cruise hung onto a plane as it took off for Mission Impossible: The Rogue Nation; and in Furious 7, a sports car was thrown out of a plane (actually, six were to get the right take).


But nothing steals the spotlight from Mad Max: Fury Road, which the National Board of Review named the best film of the year. We don’t know about that (we’re pretty partial to Birdman and Inside Out, ourselves). But we do know that it sets a new benchmark for bat-shit crazy film stunts. While a car chase is part and parcel of almost every good action film, Fury Road is essentially an insanely epic, two-hour-long, high-octane, adrenalin-fuelled, pulse-pounding thrill-o-matic car chase. With muscle cars, explosions, gigantic trucks and tankers, more explosions, cliffs and car jumping. Did we mention explosions?


With CGI largely swept under the carpet, most of it is real. Trucks raced by real people, filmed by real cameraman. So how do you go about coordinating such gruelling car-nage, you ask? With over 150 stuntmen on set at a time, apparently. But to put it all in perspective, let us hand you over to the men behind the madness.


And to promote the Mad Max videogame, the bonkers car chase has been remade with go-karts and paintballs. And it is as awesome as it sounds. Perhaps awesome enough to make you go out and buy two copies.



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Becky Roberts is staff writer on What Hi-Fi? magazine.


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