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  • Author Becky Roberts
  • Published December 24, 2015

The Ho-Ho-How To Live It advent calendar – December 24: MUBI streaming

Want yourself a better choice of movie each day of the year? Welcome to new indie kids on the streaming block, MUBI


Ever been to a Red Dragon buffet restaurant, done two laps around a hundred-odd dishes and found yourself stuck for choice? Same goes for streaming services.


The likes of Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are great for binging out on boxsets and catching the films your mates talk about down the pub. But how often have you flicked through hundreds of Netflix titles, gone through ‘George Clooney movies’ and ‘dramas based on real life’ categories, only to go back to EastEnders on BBC? If the answer is yes, MUBI might be for you.


In short, it’s a streaming service – an ‘online cinema’ – like no other that adds one great film a day to its catalogue, and stays up for a month before being replaced by another. Ergo, 30 movies are always available to watch at any one time.


Popular doesn’t always mean good and not everyone can make it to the Cannes Film Festival. Both excellent points, MUBI. So MUBI’s catalogue is an eclectic mix of new and old, Hollywood favourites, cult classics and more obscure titles from across the pond. Right now, household films Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo ’66 and Woody Allen’s Mem>Manhattan Murder Mystery appear alongside Gregg Araki’s chilling drama Mysterious Skin and Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn’s 2014 arthouse comedy L for Leisure.


For a fiver a month, you get 365 films, ideal for passing time on the daily commute on your smartphone or tablet, or at lunch on your PC/Mac.


So when you settle for What Women Want for the third time that year, really what you should be tucking into is Jean Luc-Godard’s La Chinoise. Because, oh man, it’s so, so good. And, let’s face it, you won’t find it anywhere else.


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Becky Roberts is staff writer on What Hi-Fi? magazine.


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