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  • Author Becky Roberts
  • Published December 23, 2015

The Ho-Ho-How To Live It advent calendar – December 23: New Year resolutions!

Admit it: we all need help with our resolutions. Luckily, these free apps will give you a big, fun helping hand

ny resolution

The new year is approaching, and coming up with a resolution is easy. Lose weight, do more exercise, quit smoking, drink less, learn a language. There, we’ve done it for you. But when the Christmas leftovers keep staring at you, it’s two degrees outside and the stress of the new year is upon us, keeping those resolutions it is the hard part.


You need to keep your willpower meter from hitting zero and, luckily, there are free apps for that:


Keep fit/exercise: Zombies, Run!
If you’re the type that only runs when you’re being chased, then it’s no longer an excuse. Zombies, Run! puts you in the centre of an immersive zombie adventure, with a dramatic narrative by novelist Naomi Alderman and pulse-pounding soundtrack.


You’re the hero: a runner en-route to one of humanity’s last remaining outposts and they need your help to rescue survivors. Running has never been more fun. Just don’t trip over a branch, that’s so cliché.
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Quit Smoking: Smoke Free
As straight-talking and brutally honest as Katie Price, Smoke Free puts a fag-free life in perspective by tracking how long it’s been since your last cigarette, how much money you’ve saved, and, really hitting it home, how much life you’ve regained for not smoking. No cheating now.


Want to cut back on booze too? There’s an app for that too: AlcoDroid.
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Learn a language: Duolingo
No-one knows the importance of being of being bilingual better than this goldfish. OK, so you won’t learn how to chat to your dog, but for human languages Duolingo has you covered.


There’s none of this ‘repeat after me’ line reading. This is fun and interactive game-like learning.
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Catch up on every window of the Ho-Ho-How To Live It advent calendar right here!
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Day 3: Modern-day Western
Day 4: Captain Kirk, Pulp and ballet dancing
Day 5: The Frenchman who went up a hill
Day 6: The Jungle Book
Day 7: Terrible Christmas duets
Day 8: A Christmas Horror Story
Day 9: The Detectorists
Day 10: Horror claymation
Day 11: True Romance
Day 12: Bill Murray’s Christmas
Day 13: High-wire walking
Day 14: Daniel Craig’s hair
Day 15: Get weepy with Prancer
Day 16: Extreme snowboarding
Day 17: Star Wars
Day 18: Grace and Frankie
Day 19: Rattle That Lock
Day 20: Advert wars
Day 21: Welcome to 4K


Becky Roberts is staff writer on What Hi-Fi? magazine.


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