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  • Author Becky Roberts
  • Published December 21, 2015

The Ho-Ho-How To Live It advent calendar – December 21: Welcome to 4K

How do you make watching TV shows, films, human water cannons and cute puppies even better? By watching them all in eye-popping 4k


2015 has been the year of the Rugby World Cup, the smartwatch, Apple Pay, Uptown Funk, One Direction’s break-up announcement, the white and gold (or blue and black) dress, and Caitlyn Jenner.


Oh, and 4K TV. While it’s been ‘a thing’ since 2012, it’s only this year that the technology has become widely accessible and more affordable – you no longer have to remortgage your house to buy one. For the uninitiated, 4K offers four times as many pixels as Full HD; 8 million of them, in fact. That means more resolution and sharper pictures. In a nutshell: better TV.


Now that content has caught up with the tech, there’s more than enough 4K goodness for a solid weekend binge. In the new year, 4K Blu-ray players and discs will be out (and, in a year’s time, they might even be affordable). In the meantime, Netflix has hours and hours of TV shows (including Grace & Frankie, Marvel’s Daredevil and House of Cards) for those on its £9-a-month Ultra HD subscription plan.


Amazon has a bunch too, including its home-grown Transparent, Alpha House and Mozart in the Jungle TV shows, which are play-able for any Amazon Instant Video subscriber.


But you don’t need to pay for a streaming service to dip your toes into the 4K pool. You see, there are always YouTube streams to show off your swanky new telly when your mates pop round. What’s better than watching cute puppies race? Watching them do it in 4K.



OK, enough puppies. No? OK then, watch them bathe too



And when you’re puppied out, there’s tons (literally hours) of cool videos that show why those extra pixels matter.


Trees have never looked so interesting.



Base jumping has never looked so fun (and terrifying).



And then there’s the human water cannon…



PhwoooarK indeed.


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Becky Roberts is staff writer on What Hi-Fi? magazine.


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