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  • Author Stephen Graves and Ced Yuen
  • Published December 20, 2015

The big sci-fi quiz: WIN £200 worth of Amazon vouchers!

Do you like your sc-fi? Do you like winning prizes? Of course you do! So why not enter out mega sci-fi quiz and win yourself £200 of Amazon vouchers

star trek quiz

If you’re proud to call yourself a sci-fi nerd then we’re going to reward your nerdery by offering you the chance to win £200 of Amazon vouchers by completing our fiendish but friendly sci-fi quiz. Think you know your Battlestar Galactica from your Firefly? Then this is right up your street.


All you have to do to enter is email your answers by 23.59 on December 31st and we’ll pick the winner. The lucky victor will get to spend £200 on anything they want at Amazon.co.uk (but, let’s face it, it’s going to be on rare Doctor Who memorabilia, isn’t it).


Warning: there are some minor spoilers in a couple of questions, and we may have included one or two trick questions… GOOD LUCK!


1 International dubs aside, there’s only one character in the first six Star Wars films who is heard speaking a non-English Earth language (instead of a fictional alien one). Who is it, and what language are they speaking?


2 Which towering actor has appeared in the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Mad Max and Matrix franchises?


3 What were Hicks and Newt renamed in the Alien spin-off comics, after the characters were unceremoniously killed off in Alien 3?


4 Which film starring Kurt Russell was a quasi-sequel to Blade Runner?


5 Which actors have played Terminator’s Sarah Connor on screen?


6 What links Santa Mira, California with San Francisco?


7 Who was the first person to portray Doctor Who on-screen other than William Hartnell?


8 Which composer/film pairing is the odd one out, and why?
a) Daft Punk, Tron: Legacy
b) Howard Shore, King Kong
c) James Horner, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
d) Christopher Young, Spider-Man 3


9 Which TV and film characters received the following Christmas presents?
a) A giant stuffed rabbit that doesn’t fit through the front door
b) A red bicycle (“when you were 12”)
c) A used VW Jetta bumper


10 Chewbacca’s nearest and dearest first appeared in the lamentable Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978. Name them.


11 Who did Mike, Alan, Abe, Bill, Les and Sue want to kiss on his chromium-plated head for Christmas 1964?


12 Which British playwright did an (uncredited) script polish on Star Wars: Episode III?


13 In which TV shows and films would you mortally offend someone by saying the following?
a) Nerf herder
b) Mivonks
c) Belgium
d) Kvark
e) Spack off!


14 The Veil Nebula is the intended destination of which doomed starship?


15 Which sci-fi character uses a ladies’ razor as a communication device?


16 Which brand turned down the opportunity to appear on Marty McFly’s hoverboard before Mattel stepped in?


17 Which member of Monty Python cameos in the Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending?


18 What are the full names of:
a) Leeloo (The Fifth Element)
b) Romana (Doctor Who)
c) Sikozu (Farscape)


19 Which sci-fi radio play – spun off from a blockbuster film – featured Toyah Wilcox, Peter Serafinowicz and Dannii Minogue?


20 Which animated sci-fi feature brings together the towering vocal talents of Orson Welles, Eric Idle, Leonard Nimoy and Scatman Crothers?


21 Who you gonna call at these fictional phone numbers?
a) 555-2368
b) 07700 900461
c) KLondike 5-4385
d) 312-555-0690
e) 555-9175


22 Aside from Luke Skywalker, which other Star Wars characters has Mark Hamill portrayed?


23 The Yellowstone National Park, the San Rafael Swell, and the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park have all stood in for which alien planet at different times?


24 Which sci-fi movie was the first film included in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register?


25 In how many broadcast TV stories does Doctor Who’s titular Doctor “Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”? Show your working!


26 Which sci-fi movie character was born on 11th March, 1962 or 13th September, 1971, depending on which prop you look at?


27 Which planet name from the Star Wars films also appears in JRR Tolkien’s legendarium?


28 What special effects technique was used to create the Doctor Who title sequence, the “stargate” sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey, Interstellar’s tesseract and the Enterprise-D’s warp drive?


29 What footwear did Peter Cushing sport whenever his feet weren’t on-camera, in Star Wars?


30 Name the mirror Adama uses for shaving in his cabin in Battlestar Galactica?


31 Why was Tron refused an Academy Award nomination for best visual effects?


32 Name the horse(s) ridden by Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly. One point per horse.


33 The disc wars of Tron are heavily based on which real-life sport?


34 Which sci-fi TV show features prominent use of octagonal paper, and why?


35 Name the novel (and its author) Joss Whedon used as inspiration for Firefly?


36 Richard Hatch played Captain Apollo in Battlestar Galactica. Name the last episode the actor appeared in?


37 Name one television show, other than Star Trek, that featured all three of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and George Takei?


38 The Transformers’ Bumblebee was always a VW Beetle in the cartoons and comics. Why was he not a VW Beetle in Michael Bay’s film?


39 Orson Welles was supposed to voice the introduction to The Twilight Zone. Why did this not happen?


40 Which Philip K. Dick novel was originally supposed to be adapted into a sequel to Total Recall?


41 List Robocop’s original prime directives.


42 Name the mysterious sentry that stops people from leaving the Village in The Prisoner.


43 A deleted scene from The Fly (1986) had Jeff Goldblum beat a mutant animal to death. Which two animals formed this unfortunate beast?


44 Name the only actor from Jurassic Park to reprise his role in Jurassic World?


45 What number links David Duchovny, Kevin Spacey and Al Pacino?


46 The Smoking Man has a cigarette lighter with an inscription on it. What does it say?


47 In the 1960 film The Time Machine, HG Wells places an object in a miniature version of his time machine. What is this object?


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