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  • Author LG
  • Published August 29, 2014

The perfect wake-up call: LG’s CM2540DAB

Still being jolted awake by your phone every morning? LG’s wireless audio system combines light and sound for the perfect wake-up.


We like nothing less than being yanked from a warm cocoon of sleep by a trilling phone alarm clock. Give us a choice between spending all day snuggled under the sheets and, say, winning Wimbledon, and we’ll take a snooze every time.


Luckily, LG is sympathetic, and its 20-watt CM2540DAB alarm clock is a high-end sound system that promises to wake you up as gently as Jeeves bringing you a steaming mug of tea and the morning papers.


The Iron Forecast
It’s a sound system that builds on LG’s awesome experience building top-end home-entertainment systems first and foremost. The 20-watt sound output is bolstered by compatibility with FLAC-format audio files: an audio format far superior to the lousy compression of MP3 files. A high-quality LG DAC assures audio quality – whether you’re woken up by Iron Maiden or the shipping forecast.


Choosing what you want to listen to is easy. Bluetooth means wireless compatibility with a huge range of mobile phones and tablets, while a USB input allows you to connect – and charge – your phone overnight, then play music from it when it’s time to wake up. For the truly showy, an NFC receiver means you can play music wirelessly just by having your phone nearby. Elsewhere, you’ll find a CD player as well as a 3.5mm audio-in socket, allowing you to connect just about any audio device you can think of.


Rise. And shine.
The best bit – unusually – comes when it’s time to wake up. The CM2540DAB is a high-definition audio system that cares about you, so it won’t jolt you into consciousness just as you’re lazily dreaming about finding a chest full of diamonds in the garden shed. Instead, 30 seconds before it’s set to come on, its smart awake lighting starts to glow, giving you a gentle start instead of a rude shock.


The LG CM2540DAB wireless audio system is available now. Find out more about it here.



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