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  • Author Ross Jackson
  • Published August 15, 2014

Why you need a soundbar: rising star

You have a glorious Full HD TV, a fine selection of Blu-rays, subscribe to all the HD channels you can and stream loads of HD content. Then you listen to it all through the tiny speakers stuffed into the sides of your set…


Speakers are not a TV’s primary focus, the picture is the important bit. Upgrading any TV with a soundbar is easy though – and the difference is immense.


If you’re thinking of taking the plunge into improving your TV’s sound without committing to a full surround-sound system, soundbars are perfect. They are (relatively) inexpensive, unobtrusive and don’t clog up your lounge with cables, stands and boxes everywhere. And there’s no drilling needed.


Take LG’s NB3540 as an example… In the box you get the soundbar, a wireless sub (that can sit anywhere, hidden from view) and remote control. The soundbar itself is slim thanks to the separate subwoofer taking care of the bass and has a subtle display, with buttons to control basic functions.


Setting the soundbar up is straight forward and using the Smart Sync function to connect wirelessly to the TV. You turn the soundbar and TV on, follow a few on-screen commands and you’re all set.


Just listen
The whole point of a soundbar is to forget it’s there as the experience takes over. The extra detail and clarity is incredible with more subtle background noise suddenly brought to life to make it much more involving. The subwoofer helps give the soundbar cinematic depth but doesn’t become rumbly or distorted. The soundbar itself is very well balanced as standard but has loads of settings if you like tinkering.


Most soundbars aren’t just suited to movies or TV though. They can connect to a range of devices via Bluetooth or USB and – in the case of LG’s NB3540 – have 320W of power. They can go loud. Very loud. Connecting your smartphone is simple and music playback is hi-fi quality, again with lots of detail and tight, controlled bass. Podcasts and audiobooks also sound way better with voices given greater warmth and tone.


A soundbar is a simple way of enhancing your living room and is a versatile and stylish system for all sorts of media. If you are after a simple, affordable way to improve your home-cinema and music audio, then look no further.


Ross Jackson is one of our new Rising Stars writers. You can read the rest of his stuff here >>>


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