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  • Author Alex Ingram
  • Published August 7, 2014

Eight ways to survive a long journey

In an age where we can all barely tear ourselves away from our phones for more than five seconds, a long journey can seem like The Most Boring Thing Ever. At How To Live It we understand that there’s only so long that one game of I spy will keep you occupied… Here are our suggestions for apps, games and tech to distract during holiday travels…


1 No One Dies (Free) is a game designed exactly as all games should: simple and brilliant fun. A 2D platform game where you jump stickmen over obstacles by tapping on the screen at the perfect moment. The more characters you control – from two to five simultaneously – the more difficult it gets – but how five is possible is anyone’s guess. Tricky enough to instil just a little panic, but exciting enough to make you determined to constantly come back for more.




2 Droid Timelapse (Free) As anyone who ever watched Ground Force will agree, time-lapse footage is cool. Watching a gazebo and a water feature being thrown together at high speed makes the whole gardening experience immensely pleasing. With the Droid Timelapse app, you can channel your inner Titchmarsh on every journey. Mount your device on a stand aimed at the scenery, set the interval to about 20-30 seconds between frames and let it do it’s thing for a while. The results look impressively professional, thanks to the ability to shoot clips at a full 1080p resolution. Adding a soundtrack of a brass band over footage is optional.




3 Football Manager (£6.99)
If the thought of a long journey (or indeed your entire life) blissfully passing you by sounds like it might be fun, then we’d recommend you try one of the most addictive games of all time. Football Manager involves controlling the day-to-day running of a football club of your choosing. Setting team tactics, signing players, hiring and firing back-room staff; anything you can think of that’s in the day of the life of a real coach is up to you. Completely engrossing but beware it is also known to cause irrational hatred of real footballers when their digital counterparts fail to turn up for training three days running.


4 QuizUP (Free) If you’re a competitive soul who’s idea of a perfect night out is a pub quiz, then QuizUP might be just your thing. Pit your wits against friends or random strangers on a huge selection of subjects. There’s even a global leaderboard so you can benchmark your brain against the rest of the world. First prize ’20 bar tab not included.


5 The LG G3 With all this power-sapping software, you’ll need a device that’s up to the task of coping with it all. The LG G3 is the perfect choice. Thanks to its Quad-Core processor, QuadHD display, and 13MP camera with revolutionary Laser Auto Focus, it’ll be perfect for any app you throw at it. Currently the smartphone of choice at Stuff.tv.


6 Bose QuietComfort 15 (RRP £259.95) Friends, family and of course complete strangers all have potential to irritate when you’re cooped up together on a long journey, so a set of noise cancelling headphones are a must. With this set, just pop them on, play some of your favourite tunes and you’re in your own world of bliss. They’re especially brilliant at suppressing the droning sounds of road noise or aircraft engines but they’re also pretty great at silencing the inane chatter coming from the weirdo beside you. WhatHiFi.com awarded them five stars and named them the best noise-cancelling headphones of 2013.




7 Learjet 60 (POA) There’s no better way to ease the tedium of a long journey than by reducing the journey time itself, so you might as well do it in speed, style and comfort aboard a private jet. You and six mates could fly from London to the French Riviera in just under and hour and a half and given that you can check in just 15 minutes before take off, it makes the whole air-travel experience a mile-high breeze. Sure, it’ll cost you about £11,500 each way for the privilege of renting the Learjet 60, but why not live a little?




8 TravelJohn Disposable Urinal Bag (£10.38 for 6) You’re on a long motorway schlep. You’ve been behind the wheel for hours. All you want to do is to arrive at your destination quickly and safely. The problem is, you’re travelling with that one incontinent friend who can’t hold on for more than 20 minutes. No sweat, as you remember you’ve packed the TravelJohn Disposable Urinal Bag. (£10.38 for 6) Tell him (or her – ladies are catered for thanks to the unisex plastic collar) to turn the other way so you don’t have to watch, and you’re just driving along as it’s all going on. Not only have you managed to surprise the passengers of the coach beside you but as an added bonus you’ve saved yourself the distress of stopping anywhere near a Little Chef.


Alex Ingram is one of our new Rising Stars writers. You can read the rest of his stuff here >>>


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