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  • Author Matthew Higgs
  • Published August 4, 2014

LG’s ULTRA HD 4K TV: first sight

Wasn’t the future supposed to have flying cars? With all-things tech now blinging themselves up with the internet, is that what took the place of the flying car? Or maybe everything during childhood is a massive lie…


TVs have come on since the millennium. People who drew TVs back then always drew them with an aerial (who even had a TV with an aerial?). The aerials have been rubbed out, the CRTs have disappeared, now it’s all about high-definition flat screens in homes across the UK. The next step in home entertainment is ULTRA HD 4K: LG’s latest set of flagship products puts ULTRA HD 4K centre stage.


If you ogled HD, 4K will blow your socks halfway across the room.


The numbers
ULTRA HD 4K delivers four times the pixels of HD and has 16 times the detail of a standard picture. So, on the 55-inch screen of LG’s UB950V TV, picture quality is, predictably, stunning. If HD first impressed you, watching 4K is the next significant step. It makes you want to watch birds flying, flowers opening and water hitting rocks all day.


OK, landscapes may not have you jumping out of your seat but as soon as you see images with finer detail, you start to see why this tech is so exciting. With most standard TVs, one beach wave often looks like a smeary cloud but with the LG ULTRA HD 4K you can see every droplet dancing in its beauty. The more detail, the more it shines.


Fully immersed
When watching in 4K you’ll feel part of the action or in the same room as the people on screen. It’s got that 3D quality (which is something the UB950V also comes with). Unlike the first HD TVs that came with uber-bright contrast, 4K gives more realistic colours and can more than cope with on-screen movement. No pixilation on bicycle wheels here…


Operating with the new webOS interface, it’s simple to use. This particular TV comes with LG’s Magic Remote which you gesture at the screen to navigate – it always feels like a lightsaber with an invisible laser. It also comes with voice control.


Beautiful streaming
Netflix offer a good range of 4K programmes including House of Cards and Breaking Bad. The recent World Cup final was also shot in 4K and an increasing amount of new movies are filmed in the format. Momentum is building.


With its 3840 x 2160 resolution, this TV may well have your eyes popping out the first time you see its 4K party piece. In fact, you’ll find you’re the host more often than usual – everyone will want to catch a glimpse.


Forget flying cars, if this is the future sign up now.


Matthew Higgs is one of our new Rising Stars writers. You can read the rest of his stuff here >>>


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