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  • Author LG
  • Published June 6, 2014

Hear the bigger picture with an LG SoundPlate

Want better sound from your TV but don’t want to drape your living room in cables (or spend a fortune)? LG has the solution in the LAB540 SoundPlate…


Few of us are fans of clutter. And we’ve yet to meet anyone who likes seeing a mass of wires tangled behind their television. And yet that’s the reality for many to get better sound from their movies.


The LG LAB540 SoundPlate changes that. It’s a soundbar, Blu-ray player and TV stand, all in one. That means you get all the power and thrills you’d expect from an outboard speaker and subwoofer, without the additional connections required for a separate disk spinner, in a format that won’t obstruct the bottom of your TV screen. It’s made to support the weight of – and look great with – all of LG’s 32-55in televisions.


Why are they so good? There’s oomph in spades, for a start: the 4.1-channel, 320W surround sound on offer will fill your room with the latest blockbuster (the wireless subwoofer takes care of the heavy lifting). And the built-in Blu-ray player gives you a bright, clear picture (in 3D too, if it’s a compatible TV).


Super-speedy set-up
If you’re lucky enough to have an ULTRA HD 4K television, the LAB540 will upscale content to its huge pixel count, and you can even connect it wirelessly to compatible screens via Wireless Sound Sync technology, and to your Bluetooth-enabled device for music streaming.


If you’ve an external set-top box or games console, you can hook it up via HDMI – so all your sources can join the party. There’s also an optical output for wired connection to your telly.


And let’s not forget all the content on offer via LG’s Smart TV service. The LAB540 SoundPlate can access everything from catch-up TV and movies, to sport, games and music services. All you need is an active internet connection.


Not only that, if you buy one now, you’ll get access to some fantastic goodies from the NOW TV service: 7 Sky Sports day passes and a 3 Month Sky Movies pass can be yours. (Terms and conditions apply: click here for all the details about the offer.)


If you want a quick, seamless, and great-looking way to boost your TV’s sound, then, the LAB540 hands it to you on a ’Plate.


Want to know what to look for when you buy a SoundPlate? Click here. For more information on the LG LAB540 SoundPlate, click here >>>

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