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  • Author John Steward
  • Published June 4, 2014

The ultimate set-up for football

Want to enjoy the football even more this summer? It’s easy to do – upgrade your set-up, make a bit of Brazilian food and drink, and sit back to watch some movies…


What are you doing during June and July? Chances are you’ll spend a good portion of the evenings on the sofa, glued to your telly.


You might have the best sofa in the world – you know, one of those ones with all footrests and things that vibrate and fridges in the arms. But if the rest of your set-up isn’t up to snuff, the epic on-screen action will seem humdrum.


Don’t let your sofa steal the show. Get ready for the summer in style…




The television
When it comes to reproducing amount of detail, accuracy, stability and smoothness televised sport demands – especially fast-moving football – an ULTRA HD 4K display is the answer. And that’s to say nothing of the vivid colour on offer. When you’re watching something from the carnival capital of the world, you want to be wowed.


Want to go big? No problem – they come in sizes up to 84in. And don’t worry about sitting too close: you want it to fill your entire field of vision to get the full effect. You’d be hard pressed to see any individual pixels even if your nose is pressed against the screen, so get as close as you like.


Then there’s the smart side. Pick up a compatible LG television and you’ll find that the Smart TV with webOS interface can give you up-to-the-second information about the game, as well as connecting you with your friends elsewhere via social media apps.




The sound-system
The visceral roar of 80,000 people can have the edge taken off when you hear it through a TV’s speakers. So, why not give your audio a leg-up in the shape of a soundbar, soundplate or even a complete surround-sound system?


A full multichannel set-up will give you audio from the rear, too – so if you’re after that all-encompassing watch-it-like-you’re-there experience, that could be the way to go.


If, on the other hand, you’d rather have a bit more convenience, a soundbar like the LG NB4540 will still knock spots off your TV’s own speakers.


For more information on how to get better sound from your telly, click here.


The food
You can’t watch football coming from somewhere exotic without eating something exotic to go with it. Especially if you’re having friends over. Try these:


Brazilian cheese-bread (Pao de Queijo)

Stovetop pork ribs

Brazilian black-bean stew

Brazilian whole banana pie


The drink
Water, beer, tea… standard fare, right? These staples are all very well and good, but they’re just a bit dull. Follow the chef’s angle with these:


Caipirinha cocktail

Brazilian lemonade

Guaraná Antarctica (if you can find it)


After the game
Assuming you didn’t shout yourself hoarse and burn out, and assuming you don’t want to listen to the interminable punditry that inevitably follows any big game, you might still want to watch a bit more football. Try kicking these about:



Zidane, un portrait du 21e siècle (Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait) [2006]
If you feel like calming down a bit, this might do the trick. The film spends the entirety of 2005’s Spanish La Liga match between Real Madrid and Villareal CF focused on French star Zinedine Zidane. The filmmakers used 17 cameras to track him for the entire match, and set the whole thing to a score by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai.



Fever pitch [1997]
This adaptation Nick Hornby’s autobiographical book of the same name is set against the backdrop of Arsenal’s First Division championship-winning 1988-89 season. The story itself is heartwarming, funny and full of love for the game – exactly as you might imagine from Hornby. And the script, based in fact, seems to write itself…



Mike Bassett: England Manager [2001]
England fans go through this film every four years. The players, matches and staff might be fictional (even if the setting is remarkably relevant), but any football fan – especially if they’re exposed to the British press’s coverage of the England team – can relate to the emotions everyone goes through as Bassett’s hapless squad squeaks its way through unconvincing draws and loses to what should be laughably inadequate opponents.


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