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  • Author Esat Dedezade
  • Published May 8, 2014

Why Android KitKat is amazing

Androids don’t dream of electric sheep. They dream of KitKat – the latest version of Google’s operating system, which, combined with the LG G2, means the ultimate smartphone experience


Android KitKat, despite its name, is not a Terminator-like killing machine designed to deliver swift and deadly chocolatey justice to its enemies. Though that would make for a great movie.


Instead, it’s the latest (and very much greatest) version of Google’s Android operating system – and it’s by far the best OS you’ll find on a smartphone.


Still not convinced? Perhaps these impressive tricks will help…




Leaner than Bruce Lee on Atkins
Android KitKat is the fastest iteration of Android yet. Google’s taken its surgical knife behind the scenes to give Android’s coding a very welcome nip and tuck – and it runs all the better for it.


The latest superphones all have at least 2GB of RAM but KitKat is now so lean that even an ageing device with as little as 512MB RAM can run it.


The upshot of all this coding weight-loss is that apps load quicker, and everything just runs slicker and faster. And faster is always good.




Super-charged smilies
KitKat’s keyboard is now injected with glorious colourful emoticons, letting you express yourself far better than mere words would ever allow.


From inventing your own hieroglyphic-like language with your mates, to charming a lady friend with glorious poetry littered with adorable cat pictures and vibrant bouquets, your messages will never look the same again.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)






Free your photos
Taking amazing photos of your dog wearing people clothes is all well and good but there’s not much point to snapping masterpieces if you can’t share them.


Yes, there’s always Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to spread your work but sometimes a proper tangible photo (you know, on actual paper) is the way to go.


KitKat makes printing your shots easier than ever thanks to its built-in wireless printer support.


It works with any printer connected to Google Cloud Print, HP ePrint printers or any other printer that has an app in the Google Play store. It’s about time photos got physical again.­­­­




Less clutter
Android KitKat introduces a feature called Immersive Mode, which is a fancy way of describing the ability of the status bar and on-screen navigation keys to make themselves scarce when you want to focus on the important stuff.


Reading ebooks and watching movies is now a much more pleasant experience, as you’re able to enjoy each and every millimetre of the screen without buttons and notifications getting in the way.


Effortless search
Google Now’s search mode is even smarter in KitKat. Without having to lift a finger, just say the magic words – “OK, Google” – and you’ll activate its powerful search function.


Just ask your phone a question and the search giant’s massive brain scours the web and supplies all the answers you ever need.


From the nearest KFC to the footy scores, you’re just one question away from enlightenment.




Smarter messaging
KitKat has replaced Android’s Messaging app with Hangouts. It’s an all-in-one solution that fuses your online Google chat messages with traditional SMS conversations so that you can easily keep track of conversations, even if you constantly switch between online nattering and standard texts.


Throw in HD video and .gif support – and all messaging needs are sorted for good.



Esat Dedezade is staff writer on Stuff magazine and Stuff.tv.


The LG G2 runs Android KitKat. For more information about the ultimate smartphone click here >>>

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