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  • Author John Steward
  • Published May 8, 2014

Eurovision 2014: the ultimate set-up

If you’re watching Eurovision this year, we salute you. If you aren’t, you should. it’s brilliant. Here’s a list of things to make it even brillianter…


To some, the Eurovision Song Contest is a brightly coloured hell of rubbish songs, inexplicable obsession and highly questionable stagecraft (and costumes). To others it’s… well, an extremely guilty pleasure. And also a real laugh.


So, besides a sofa, an open mind, your tongue placed firmly in your cheek – and, of course, appropriate refreshments – what do you need to make the Eurovision Song Contest even more of an experience? Kit, that’s what. Things like…


A proper television
It’s a flamboyant occasion, is Eurovision, so watching it on the portable 14in CRT set you inherited from your uncle just won’t cut it – especially if you’re not watching solo. (And who watches the Eurovision Song Contest on their own?) No, you need some serious screenage – something that will do justice to the vibrant colours and quickfire motion. An OLED screen like the LB730V fits the bill here…


Make sure you calibrate it properly beforehand, too. When the show starts, you won’t have a prayer of dialling in skin-tones properly (that orange you see might be their actual skin). We suggest taking advantage of a dedicated THX disc, the calibration tools found on many shop-bought DVDs and Blu-rays, or your television’s own set-up app (such as the one in the Smart TV with webOS™ system found in LG’s sets).


Solid sound
Eurovision is all about the music, of course (not to mention the commentary), so if your audio set-up isn’t up to the job then you won’t get the full bombastic benefit. A good start is to equip your living room with a soundbar – which will boost your telly’s sound as well as look nice and neat. An external subwoofer will give you even more oomph, but be careful not to turn it up too loud. You only want it to kick in at the bassiest moments – if it’s rumbling away the whole time, the sound will lose punch and attack.


Want to get even more serious? Go for more speakers. You could simply add an old stereo system if you want a quick and dirty solution, or go for a full-on surround-sound package for the ultimate experience. (Pro-tip: you can use this for watching films, too. Not just iffy live music shows.)


Other essentials
So, you’ve got your picture and sound sorted. Now for the really important stuff. This bingo game is a good start – either mark it with a pen or take a sip of delicious fizzy-pop to tick the items off. You might also want to bring some grub from your chosen country, too… and if it wins, you have to eat the lot. Want recipe ideas? Here you go…


Oh, and the most important thing? Turn the subtitles on. Some of those lyrics are just priceless…



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