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  • Author LG
  • Published May 6, 2014

Playing from the Gallery

When it comes to TVs, looks aren’t everything. Mind you, they’re not nothing, either, which is where LG’s Gallery OLED TV comes in.


At its best, a TV can be a great piece of furniture. A shiny, smooth, ultra-thin piece of technology sitting in your living room, just waiting to pump in the latest in high-definition entertainment. Still, TVs aren’t all created equal, and some look better on the wall than others.


Standing head and shoulders above the rest is the LG Gallery OLED Smart TV. Measuring a generous 55in diagonally, the Gallery OLED is all about picture quality: instead of standard red, blue and green (RGB) sub-pixels, it uses WRGB, which means each pixel cluster includes a plain white sub-pixel, producing more accurate colours and bringing the picture closer to how the director – or artist – intended.


The visual treats continue thanks to OLED being a thousand times faster than traditional LED technology, bringing you smoother, clearer motion.
It’s how the Gallery is packaged that makes it unique. It’s mounted on a canvas speaker frame, giving it an art-gallery aesthetic that will make it look more at home in carefully-decorated living rooms everywhere.


The design isn’t just for the sake of looks, either: behind the canvas is a powerful speaker, allowing the Gallery OLED to produce far richer sound that TVs with nothing more than standard integrated speakers. The speaker system is 2.2-channel, which means you get a pair of stereo channels, plus two sub-woofers for rich, rumbly bass and punchy soundtracks.


All neatly hidden out of view, meaning your living room will look more like a cosy living space and less like a wire-strewn man-cave.
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