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  • Author Dave Stevenson
  • Published May 2, 2014

Three things you must watch this weekend

It’s a weekend of mega heroes – all of different flavours. Pack your bank holiday full of these Blu-rays and you’ll wonder what you’ve been doing with your life (which is precisely the point…).



Captain Phillips
Avast! Alas, but Captain Phillips isn’t that type of pirate movie. Fewer wooden legs, positively zero eye patches and precious little sign of Keira Knightly. Not that many laughs, either, as Tom Hanks plays the captain of a state-of-the-art cargo ship that finds itself the object of a band of pirates’ attention. Directed by the Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum’s Paul Greengrass, this maritime masterpiece is beautifully suspenseful, exquisitely paced, and features an outstanding performance from Somalia-born former limo driver Barkhad Abdi, who received an Oscar nomination for this debut performance. How Hanks managed to avoid Oscar nomination himself is mystifying.



James Bond back catalogue
James Bond doesn’t strike us as much of a bargain hunter. Between the Aston Martins, pricey cocktails and killer umbrellas, old 007 hasn’t had to live an austere lifestyle. For the rest of us, you can enjoy every moment of every single James Bond film (except Skyfall, which is available separately), in fantastically, painstakingly remastered Full HD. All for under £90. Exhuastively remastered over the course of two years, the box-set takes in both celluloid and digital prints of JB’s exploits over 23 Blu-ray discs containing up to eight hours of delicious Bond action each.



This week marked the 20th anniversary of racing legend Aryton Senna’s death at Imola in 1994. Over his glittering 10 year career he won three world championships, 41 grands prix, and still holds records for the most consecutive pole positions, as well as the joint record for the highest percentage of front row starts in a season, with an astonishing 100% record during 1989.


Senna’s death was a defining moment for Formula 1, ushering an age of enormous safety refinements, and his story is spectacularly captured in Senna, Asif Kapadia’s awesome documentary about the great man’s F1 career. Including interviews with luminaries such as Alain Prost, Frank Williams and of course Senna himself, this reflective, gorgeous film is a must-watch for F1 fans. Those not captured by the allure of the world’s fastest sport will find plenty to enjoy in the high-octane personal dramas that played out throughout Senna’s life.


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