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  • Author Dave Stevenson
  • Published May 2, 2014

Down tools – play time: Friday Tea-break

Friday, eh? You’ve made a decent face of getting through the morning, but lunch-time’s come and gone and it’s time to admit defeat. Bank-holiday weekend starts now…


Badgers, badgers, badgers
Honey badgers are ace. Small, cute, very intelligent, and ferociously aggressive: it’s not unusual for them to see off apex predators such as lions, so if you see one coming at you your only hope is there’s someone tastier nearby.


Honey badgers aren’t just brawn, though. As you’ll see in this clip from the BBC’s Natural World, the honey badger is an adept escapologist. Marvel as these magnificent mustelids escape from their enclosures by climbing, digging, co-operating and – terrifyingly – utilising garden tools to break out of their South African enclosures. For future reference, we welcome our new scrabbly, long-clawed overlords.



Pac-man does horror
How scary would Pac-Man be if it were re-imagined as a first-person shooter? Very. The answer is very. This atmospherically-lit browser-based game, to our surprise as much as anyone else’s, makes Quake seem about as scary as The Sims.


It’s all about the lighting: neon strips line the walls and the blobs you absorb generate their own luminescence. The ghosts – and if you’re going to make a terrified squeaking sound that alerts co-workers to that you’re playing a game, it’ll be the ghosts – are silent, glowing spectres. We realise it sounds silly. It isn’t. It makes The Shining look like The Railway Children. Find it here.


Ghost in the machine
Several questions strike us about this stop-motion video of a bike building itself. How long did it take? Why is it so weirdly hypnotic? Most importantly, why was it made? Answers don’t present themselves terribly readily (that last question is particularly unsolvable).


But still, this is five minutes of self-building, mechanical heaven that answers all sorts of adolescent fascinations about how superbikes are put together. Problematically for Tea-Break’s weekend plans, it actually makes the process look pretty straightforward. We’re off to find our wrenches.



Until next week…


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