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  • Author LG
  • Published May 1, 2014

Bigger? Better? You bet: LG’s 84UB980V

Can a TV be too big and beautiful? Such a question is patently absurd – the answer is so simple: of course not.


Can a TV be too big and beautiful? Such a question is patently absurd – the answer is so simple: of course not.


If you run out of room on your TV shelf, you can mount a TV on the wall. If your wall isn’t big enough, it’s time to break out the sledgehammer in the shed and give yourself the expansive home cinema you’ve always wanted. Of course, having the space for a galactically-sized TV is one thing: finding the TV set of your dreams is quite another.


Or it was, at least, until LG unleashed – that feels like the right word – the 84UB980V. An ULTRA HD 4K TV that upscales non-4K and even non-HD content, the 84UB980V has a spectacular diameter measurement of 84in. That’s seven foot, or just over two metres, or one-and-a-bit the average height of a British man. That means that while other manufacturers might brag about immersive viewing experiences, LG can actually deliver, with its gigantic picture swallowing up the audience in a way only matched by an actual cinema.


Multi-channel, multi-joy
Even the 84UB980V’s sound is next-gen: the 120-watt Harmon Kardon speaker system allows proper multi-channel (5.2 Ch) surround sound, while 3D sound zooming links these aural capabilities with awesome 3D visuals. A pair of sub-woofers underscores everything, producing rumbling effects and booming low-end noise that makes watching a film blow your senses.


The 84UB980V delivers much more than just a supersize image and supersize audio. It’s also one of LG’s first TVs to include the new Smart TV with webOS™ interface, an intuitive, smooth menu system that makes the sound of grinding teeth as you navigate a TV’s menus a thing of the past. It even manages to smooth out and speed up initial set-up (thanks to Bean Bird), meaning you can go from box to blockbusters in next to no time.


The features list continues to burst at the seams: CINEMA 3D allows incredible 3D effects with LG’s breakthrough, lightweight glasses, while LG’s aptly-named Magic Remote means less prodding of unresponsive buttons and more motion sensitive, 3D control of your TV’s apps and menus.


For more details on the 84UB980V, click here.


84in too much? Can’t get permission to knock that wall down? Check out LG’s equally amazing LB730V Smart TVs with webOS™ here, available from 42in to 65in.

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