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  • Author Ced Yuen
  • Published April 23, 2014

LG webOS – the easy way to watch

LG’s new webOS smart TV system makes setting up your new TV as easy as can be.


There’s something special about getting a shiny new TV. You saved up, you take a day off to have it delivered, and finally it takes pride of place in your living room. Now it’s time to play. But wait! You’ve got to set it up first – and that can sometimes take a while.


If LG has its way, that tedium will be a thing of the past. Its webOS smart TV interface promises to make the process simpler and more enjoyable. Your introduction to that new telly will be friendlier – starting you off with that new-toy feeling.



Say hello to Bean Bird
WebOS does this with a little feathered digital assistant called Bean Bird. He’s a bird shaped like a bean, and is there to guide you through set-up. Many users don’t go through every step of the installation process, which means they don’t get to use the TV’s full potential, but Bean Bird aims to change that.


Boot up your LG TV for the first time and Bean Bird will start by encouraging you to calibrate your motion-sensitive remote control. The process involves simple animations and short cartoons, which makes TV installation more of a narrative than a chore. It’s not long before you’re led through Wi-Fi connection and beyond.


And don’t worry – Bean Bird isn’t always there like that paperclip from Microsoft Word. Once you’re good to go, he flies off and leaves you alone. Oh yes, it’s definitely quirky, but this playful approach breathes life into a typically monotonous process.


It isn’t just about making you feel welcome, either. WebOS isn’t just friendly – it’s also clever. It’s capable of recognising the devices you connect to the TV. There’s no need to worry about renaming inputs, or remember what you plugged into Input 2. None of that – you can just get going and play. Key to everything is the Launcher, a customisable, scrolling menu system that pops up to help you access your recent apps and inputs, reach various TV functions or access external storage devices.




WebOS has also reworked other aspects of the traditional smart TV interface. Where previously a ‘hub’ would separate web content from local content, everything is now integrated into one place – the LG store.


Here you’ll find apps, alongside LG’s own library of on-demand content, as well as programmes pulled through from your set-top box, all laid out and accessible like a buffet. And that’s before we factor in 4K. WebOS is compatible with 4K sources such as Netflix. That means you can start streaming glorious ULTRA HD straight away.


With webOS, you will rethink your viewing habits. From friendly and intuitive configuration to effortless content discovery, the process is a huge jump from how it used to be. Combine that with webOS’s lovely multitasking skills and you have the ultimate smart TV interface. Watching TV will never be the same again.


Ced Yuen is staff writer for whathifi.com.


Bean Bird does more than help you set up your TV. He tweets. Follow him here (and please pardon the pun!). Find more information about webOS and LG’s entire range of Smart TVs here >>>

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