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  • Author John Steward
  • Published April 22, 2014

Rising stars: become a tech journo

We’ve got three spots for aspiring tech journalists on How To Live It. Want one? Audition and you could be in with a chance.


We’ve got three spots for aspiring tech journalists on How To Live It. Want one? All you have to do is audition and you could be in with a chance.


We’re searching for three writers for How To Live It. Go through the audition process (see ‘How do I enter?’ below) and if you’re one of the lucky chosen ones you’ll get the chance to write for this blog, as well as having your work promoted on Stuff.tv.


We’ll try to give you a head-start in your new career as a journalist. And once you get going, you’ll find out that it isn’t all about sitting behind a desk. Here are a couple of great (and not-so-great) moments from the editors of Stuff and What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazines…


Will Findlater, Stuff
Best moment
Getting a Mitsubishi Evo sideways on a damp test track for the purposes of a ‘tech cars’ photo shoot.


Not-best moment
Seeing the ‘boarding’ label flick up in the Gatwick departures lounge and discovering that I had brought my girlfriend’s passport rather than my own.


Simon Lucas, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision
Best moment
Getting a suit made in under 90 minutes in Hong Kong during an afternoon off from an Epson factory visit.


Not-best moment
Having a jetlag-ravaged French journalist fall asleep on my shoulder during a press conference. And then give me a cuddle and a peck on the cheek.


What will I get to write if I win?
In addition to ideas thought up by HTLI editorial (and pitched by you), here’s the type of core tasks we’ll ask you to fulfil. (But don’t worry, you don’t have to write any of this stuff right now!)


Reviews Unboxing a product at HTLI HQ and writing (or filming) an account.


News News stories about subjects relevant to How To Live It. This could be tech hardware or anything related to TV or film.


Opinion An impassioned piece or rant about some aspect of tech or home entertainment. Not looking forward to the new Star Wars film? How come? In love with Android? Tell us why…


List-icle The 25 best Android apps for the LG G2, perhaps. Or eight of the world’s best tech-hotels. 12 reasons why Pacific Rim is the pinnacle of cinema. That kind of thing.


Future-gazing Where will we be in 50 years? What will our living rooms look like? Holographic TV, perhaps – or sound beamed directly into our brains?


Retro piece Did you find a dusty old ZX Spectrum in your loft? Or perhaps you still play on your Tamagotchi… what old-skool tech still excites you?


How do I enter?
Are you a journalist, established blogger or tech writer? No? Then you’re eligible. We want 300 words on why you love a particular piece of technology. It could be a toy, a vacuum cleaner, a car, a camera… anything that gets your tech-jimmies rustling.


Then send it to us with a short CV (to demonstrate that you aren’t in full-time tech-journo employment), and a 140-character reason why you’d be How To Live It’s next big thing, and you’re in with a chance of becoming just that.


What happens if I’m chosen?
The three winners will write a series of blogs for us over a four-month period, as well as completing a series of tasks. We’ll publish all pieces on How To Live It and promote them across Haymarket’s biggest tech brands – and your name goes up in lights.


After four months, there is a vote. The editors of How To Live It, Stuff and What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision – along with the public – will pick one overall winner. That person will get to go to Berlin’s massive IFA consumer-tech show in September, to cover the event for How To Live It – all expenses paid, of course.


You won’t be working for free, either
This is not an internship; this is not work experience. This is an opportunity to write regularly for some of the biggest titles in tech journalism and actually get paid for it. You’ll be mentored by our editors, given an insight into tech publishing from some of the world’s top titles and, hopefully, set on a course to journalistic success.


Enter today
Email 300 words on why you love a particular piece of tech, a 140-character reason why you should be our next big thing, and a short CV to howtoliveit@haymarket.com, with the subject line “Rising stars”, by midnight on Friday May 2.


Terms for entry…
Valid entries only from those who do not earn money from writing and do not have an established tech blog – as judged by the editor.
To be one of HTLI’s “Rising Stars”, you must be available to attend IFA in Berlin from September 4 to September 10, 2014.
Haymarket reserves the right to edit or not publish anything we see fit. Haymarket retains the copyright to all material submitted. Writers will be paid standard How To Live It freelance rate per article.
There is no job up for offer – just a series of freelance commissions. Editor’s decision is final. For full competition terms and conditions, see here.
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