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  • Author Ced Yuen
  • Published April 16, 2014

WebOS™ transforms TV

Smart TV interfaces are undergoing a rethink thanks to LG’s newest and cleanest design – the WebOS smart TV platform. It’s going to transform the way you watch…


Smart TV interfaces are undergoing a rethink thanks to LG’s newest and cleanest design – the WebOS Smart TV platform. It’s going to transform the way you watch.


WebOS does away with the Smart homepage, the platform you have to go through to get anywhere. LG doesn’t want that – and that’s where the Launcher comes in: a clever interface that gives access to everything without interrupting viewing. No stopping, no exiting and no backtracking.


It’s a simple system with all of your sources represented as cards. The terrestrial TV feed, video streaming apps, set-top boxes and external hard drives are all in the same place. No more input screens: switching from the news to videogames takes no longer than changing channels.


The Launcher appears as an overlay, like the pop-up menu on Blu-ray discs, without stopping whatever you’re doing. Make a selection and it whisks you there – or dismiss the Launcher entirely. It won’t pull you out of anything unless you want it to.


And there’s a recommendations service thanks to the Today app – a service that suggests programmes you’d like from what’s popular at that moment.


Instructions not needed
This system is very intuitive. It’s a single bar with everything laid out chronologically from left to right. In the centre is a large image: your current choice. The left side has a list of your recently used sources, waiting to be called back. To the right is anything you may need in the future.


Whatever you choose will spring to attention. WebOS is a lot faster than traditional Smart platforms as the LG TVs have plenty of power under the hood. Thanks to a 2.2Ghz processor and 1.5GB of RAM, you can flit between sources without annoying delays.


It doesn’t matter how fast and efficient any system is, you won’t use it if you can’t see what’s going on. And that’s why WebOS is as pretty as TV interfaces go. Brightly coloured tiles are easy to identify. Highlight a tile and it moves: each one is animated. The Netflix tile, for instance, fades to show a picture of popular TV programmes. It gives the system a lively feel; a breathing ecosystem of entertainment possibilities rather than a stuffy old TV guide.


Point taken
It also helps that WebOS is great to control. You select items on the screen with a pointer, which is linked to a gyroscope-based remote control. It moves according to the motion of your hand. Don’t worry, you don’t need to waste energy pointing at the screen: the remote links via Bluetooth.


The intuitive system and lighting responsiveness hark back to WebOS’s roots in mobile phones – and the ideals of multitasking perfection. Combine that with an intuitive method of control and the attractive interface and you have the ultimate TV software.


Don’t believe us? Check out Stuff.tv’s hands-on review of WebOS (from January 2014) below.



Ced Yuen is staff writer for whathifi.com


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