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  • Author LG
  • Published December 29, 2013

On the fifth day of Christmas, LG gave to me

… A 3D Blu-ray™ Home Cinema System. The LG BH9530TW, to be precise. When it comes to a true cinematic experience at home, this is what we’ve all been waiting for.

Home cinema – really great home cinema – needs two things. A great picture and tooth-rattling sound. The best cinematography in the world can be truly brought to life by a crystal-clear soundtrack; directional surround sound enhances the most dynamic action sequences.
If you’ve got the space, a proper surround-sound system is the answer. Real surround sound uses discrete (ie separate) speakers, strategically dotted around a room to surround the audience with sound – genuinely. It’s the same trick used in cinemas and it’s a trick deployed to great effect by LG’s BH9530TW Home Cinema System.
When it comes to surround sound, the more speakers you have the better. This doesn’t just mean louder noises, it means more precisely-located sound and better coverage wherever you’re sitting in the room. To that end, the BH9530TW is a 9.1-channel system, which means there are nine separate speakers in addition to the 200-watt (seriously) sub-woofer.
Along with a central unit, these speakers are contained in towers that house a combination of front-facing and top-facing speakers. These unusual vertical speakers increase the size of the sound stage by bouncing audio of your ceiling, allowing sound to come not only from beside and behind you but from above as well.
The speakers themselves use Aramid Fibre mesh – the same type of material you’d find in a bulletproof jacket – to minimise distortion and produce clean, clear audio. An integrated 3D Surround Processor produces a more immersive effect, while LG’s Sound Field Expansion technology makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action wherever you are in the room.
The central unit also incorporates a Blu-ray player capable of playing 3D content, allowing your eyes and ears to drink in the action in perfect immersive harmony.

LG BH9530TW in numbers
Audio system: 9.1-channel surround sound with vertical speakers

3D compatible: Yes
Speaker material: Aramid Fibre
Connectivity: 2x mic input; 2x HDMI-in; 1x HDMI-out
Compatible disc formats: Blu-ray; DVD
Find out more about this all-powerful piece of home-cinema joy – the LG BH9530TW – here. And see our ace video about LG’s home-cinema systems here

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