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  • Author LG
  • Published December 28, 2013

On the fourth day of Christmas, LG gave to me

… An ULTRA HD 4K TV. LG’s 65LA970W to be precise. With four times the resolution of Full HD, the future has arrived. And it looks beautiful.


… An ULTRA HD 4K TV. LG’s 65LA970W to be precise. With four times the resolution of Full HD, the future has arrived. And it looks beautiful.
Full HD TV is all about detail. Football looks better in HD, and so do the bombastic explosions of films such as Mission Impossible. We wouldn’t be without HD when it comes to Formula 1, and the same even goes for Paxo’s luxurious beard on Newsnight.
So, what’s better than HD? Why, ULTRA HD, of course. You get the same glorious framerates as Full HD, but over four times the resolution. Brace yourselves, number fans – Full HD gives you a respectable 1,080 horizontal lines of detail per frame, which was enough to make our jaws drop when we first saw it a little under 10 years ago.
But ULTRA HD? ULTRA HD (or 4K) gives you twice the horizontal detail with 2,160 lines, and four times the detail overall across the whole screen. That means sharper images, crisper detail and more nuance in everything you watch.
All that detail needs to be seen on as big a stage as possible, which is why LG’s ULTRA HD 4K TVs start at a generous 55in and go up to a truly cinematic 84in, with a handy 65in option in the middle – the 65LA970W.
It comes with the full range of impressive extras you’d expect – LG’s gesture-sensitive Magic Remote makes navigating easy, and has an ingenious 4.1-channel speaker which smoothly slides into place when the TV’s on and recedes invisibly away when you switch off (available on the 65 and 55-inch LA970W).
It’s not just about handy extras, though. LG’s ULTRA HD 4K TVs leads the field in image quality. Micro-pixel control means better contrast across the whole screen, while whopping viewing angles of 178° means you can truly entertain a crowd.
All those pixels are no good if you’ve got nothing to make the best use of them, and while ULTRA HD content via broadcast and disc is not everywhere, LG’s ULTRA HD 4K TVs include LG’s Tru-ULTRA HD Engine, which upscales all the content you can throw at it to 4K.
Welcome to the future.

The LG 65LA970W in numbers
Screen size: 65in
Display type: LED
Maximum resolution: ULTRA HD, 2160
Network connectivity: Wireless
Magic remote included? Yes
For more information on the gorgeous LG 65LA970W, see here.

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