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  • Author LG
  • Published December 27, 2013

On the third day of Christmas, LG gave to me

… A Wireless Docking Station. Or the LG ND8630 to be precise. A high-class, low-clutter way of making the most of your digital music.


… A Wireless Docking Station. Or the LG ND8630 to be precise. A high-class, low-clutter way of making the most of your digital music.
Ah, music. The perfect accompaniment to an idyllic festive morning, or the optimal salve to help drown out cries of panic from a kitchen at risk of cremating the potatoes, undercooking the turkey and doing something unspeakable to the custard.
Still, while music is a festive must-have (although the first person to play ‘Feed the World’ has to do the washing up), the modern home needs it to be convenient. Tripping over cables is a no-no, and flipping CDs every hour or so gets very old very quickly. The truly enlightened living room uses magic wireless tech to play music, and anyone that’s seen the benefits of a decent AirPlay or Bluetooth™ system will find it impossible to go back.
Take the ace LG ND8630 Docking Station, for example. Its soft, curving lines fit in any room, while its authoritative 80-watt sound system provides enough power and clarity to fill any space, whether it’s a living room or providing a soothing backdrop to the sound of a busy kitchen. Wireless music isn’t just available to those with AirPlay devices, either.
Bluetooth technology means the vast majority of smartphones and tablets will be able to beam music straight to the ND8630 – perfect for ad-hoc listening sessions with friends. For those in need of a quick charge, it has a USB port at the back that can be used to charge everything from an MP3 to a tablet and LG’s companion Bluetooth™ remote control app allows you to take control no matter what you’re listening to.
A stand-out feature is Dual Dock Play and Charge. This is a friendly speaker – it can dock both Android and Apple devices simultaneously, charging them and playing whichever you want so anyone can be DJ, whatever their hardware.
Perfect convenience, excellent compatibility and great sound quality, and the ND8630 takes up a lot less space than 11 pipers piping.


The LG ND8630 in numbers
Audio system: 80-watt stereo
Connectivity: AirPlay, Bluetooth™, USB, 3.5mm stereo
Portable device charging: Yes, Apple and Android
Added software: Bluetooth™ remote control app
Tempted? Find out everything you need to know about the amazing LG ND8630 here.

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