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  • Author Julian Whitehorn
  • Published December 3, 2013

5 things you need to know about Wuaki.tv

Wuaki.tv is the new kid on the online movies and TV block and arrives on LG smart TVs this week. It’s a hybrid subscription/rental service from Europe – 900,000 users can’t be wrong…


Wuaki.tv (pronounced “ooh-aki”) is the new kid on the online movies and TV block and arrives on LG Smart TVs this week.
It’s a hybrid subscription/rental service that’s stepping on the toes of the likes of Lovefilm, Netflix and Blinkbox. It first launched earlier this year in Spain, where it now has over 900,000 users. And here’s what you need to know about Wuaki.tv:
No.1 It’s cheaper than Netflix and Lovefilm Instant
At just £4.99 per month so saves you a whole pound compared with rivals Netflix and Lovefilm Instant – and you can cancel at any time. That’s for the ‘Wuaki Selection’ which doesn’t cover their entire catalogue.
No.2 You don’t have to subscribe
Unlike Netflix and Lovefilm, Wuaki.tv doesn’t actually need a subscription. If you don’t fancy the Wuaki Selection, you can rent or buy from its catalogue of movie and TV shows, including many titles fresh from the cinema.
No.3 Bargain rentals
One-off movie rental prices start from £2.49, or they’re mostly around the £10 mark to buy. In the TV section, the first and second series of Homeland is £22.99 each (in HD).
No.4 You can log in with your Play.com account
Wuaki.tv and Play.com are stable-mates, so if you’re already a user of Play.com you can jump straight in without going through the hassle of another sign-up. Great news if you’re using a device without a keyboard…
No.5 There’s a Wuaki app
You can go mobile with Wuaki, with apps for iPad and certain Android devices (3.2 or later and with a minimum 4in screen) – but the best experience is via a Smart TV.
Wuaki.tv is available on LG Smart TVs. For the full list of compatible LG Smart TVs, click here

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