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WIN an £8000 LG curved OLED TV

By LG | 136 days ago

Cavemen are to blame, you know. Lacking mirrors, they assumed that their eyes were flat and so created their early artistic forays on flat cave walls.
That presumption led to countless millenia of flat media right up to the present day, despite us now knowing that spherical eyes focus better on a curved surface. Televisions, billboards, the Mona Lisa; all served to us in a manner slightly unsuitable for human peepers.
Apart from cinema screens, that is, thanks to Hollywood’s laissez-faire attitude to history. (Hence the endless remakes of perfectly good films.) And now televisions are evolving. LG’s flagship OLED TV has a super-thin curved screen that will make your eyeballs squeak with joy (though at too high a register for human ears. Watch your dog; he’ll hear it).
Find out exactly what makes an OLED TV special here…
Naturally it’s Full HD, with that trademark OLED richness, twin Freeview HD tuners and a full menu of LG’s Smart TV apps. All a feast for your non-flat eyes.
And you can win it…
Answer the question below, fill in the rest of the form and keep your fingers crossed – first correct entry select at random wins the TV…