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  • Author LG
  • Published December 2, 2013

Top 5 things on NOW TV this week

Sky TV is now more accessible with NOW TV so you don’t have to miss your favourite live sport or the latest movies. Here’s what you can catch this week…


Sky TV is now more accessible with NOW TV so you don’t have to miss your favourite live sport or the latest movies. Here’s the pick of this week’s live sports and latest movie releases, exclusively on LG Smart TVs.
Sky Sports pass
Australia v England, Second Test, Adelaide
Thursday December 5, 11pm
Sky Sports 1, NOW TV
Australia smashed England in the opening encounter in Brisbane – tempers flared, quick bowlers bowled quick – it was tasty, old-fashioned Australia, regaining ground in the on-going Ashes saga. Adelaide with its tranquil churches, tranquil pitch and altogether more tranquil crowd, should be a more comfortable outing for the tourists. But have the Brisbane bruises healed? Stay up all night to find out.
Sky Movies pass
On demand, NOW TV
It’s Jessica Chastain season on NOW TV with this year’s creepiest horror finding its first small screen outing. Two children are abandoned in the woods but survive thanks to the presence of “Mama” – and are then rescued. But Mama comes back with them… Close the curtains, turn the lights off and prepare for some top-notch spooking. Directed by Andrés Muschietti.

Sky Entertainment
The Wire
On demand, NOW TV
If you haven’t seen “the best TV series ever made” yet, you’ve got a treat coming. If you have, you know you want to watch the whole lot again. Set in Baltimore’s dysfunctional inner-city, this is a complex Dickensian tale of bad cops, good drug-dealers and every other ambiguity in between. The Wire is character building, insight and writing that just does not leave you.
An Idiot Abroad
On demand, NOW TV, Discovery Channel
Join Karl Pilkington venturing out of his comfort zone as he travels the globe under the mischievous puppetry of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. First three series available.
The Walking Dead
On demand, NOW TV, Sky Atlantic
Andrew Lincoln, a missing wife and child, zombies and a post-apocalyptic future. This American Horror drama series is not to be missed.
Watch all this Sky content without a subscription with a NOW TV pass available on LG’s range of Smart TVs. For a limited time only, you can now receive seven one-day sports passes and a three-month movie pass when you buy any LG Smart TV
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