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  • Author LG
  • Published October 29, 2013

The Best View in the World

Ultra HD is the future of TV. Here are five reasons why


The future’s here, and it’s ultra detailed. Here are five reasons to be glad Ultra HD has arrived – and a chance to WIN big with your best view… see towards the bottom
It’s technically amazing
ULTRA HD resolution is four times that of Full HD. Officially, digital cinema ULTRA HD (also known as 4K) is 4096 x 2160 pixels, but to fit the 16:9 aspect ratio of TVs, the number has been adjusted to 3840 x 2160 pixels. You’re still getting four times the resolution of standard HD TVs – and the staggeringly high pixel count looks incredible. ULTRA HD is the next step in picture quality for TV and film, whether you’re a statistic-spouting sports fan or a connoiseur of Hollywood’s finest blockbusters.
Broadcasters are going ULTRA…
Films are already shot or mastered in ULTRA HD resolution, and European broadcaster Eutelsat launched the first ULTRA HD TV channel at the start of 2013. Closer to home, the BBC are looking to film and broadcast the 2014 FIFAl World Cup in ULTRA HD. One question is how to deliver ULTRA HD movies, which require more storage space, to consumers. A new compression codec called HEVC could make it possible to store films in this higher resolution on existing Blu-ray Discs. Otherwise, other types of storage systems, from a hard disk to the humble USB stick, are likely to be the answer. The latest generation of Blu-ray players such as LG’s BP730 can also upscale existing HD content to ULTRA resolution, making up the extra pixels to fit an ULTRA HD display, so you’ll benefit irrespective of whether you own content in native ULTRA HD resolution.
Upscaling will make everything better
Upscaling is how a TV fits lower resolution content on to its screen. Your Full HD TV does it already, upscaling standard-definition channels and DVDs to match its 1080p screen. Ultra HD TVs do just the same but with some incredible number-crunching: when upscaling standard Freeview channels, the Ultra HD tech effectively guesses 19 out of 20 pixels to fill the screen. Upscaling streamed content from YouTube and BBC iPlayer is also possible, although for the best picture, we’d stick to playing HD channels and Blu-ray films to take advantage of the clever upscaling tech.
You can get it today
LG began selling the world’s first ULTRA HD screen in the US in October 2012, the 84in LG 84LM960V, an LED-backlit LCD screen that went on sale in the UK. LG started selling 55in and 65in models in the UK in September this year. LG’s LA9700 series are currently the only models to use NANO Full LED backlighting – the LED lights are behind the screen and not around it. This means the image has the best possible contrast, with black levels much darker than with an Edge LED model. They’re also the only ULTRA HD TVs to use IPS – a technology that gives realistic colours and great viewing angles. These are pretty essential when you’re looking at a massive 84-inches of 4K joy. IPS also makes for a blur-free and stable image.
It’ll finally make 3D Full HD
One of the bonuses of ULTRA HD is you can watch 3D in Full HD. Right now, Full HD 3D is currently only possible with active shutter glasses but passive 3D is arguably more comfortable. ULTRA HD halves its resolution so that you get Full HD 1080p for each eye when in passive mode, with the
result that 3D has never looked better. And as the screen size gets larger, flicker is more obvious in 3D but LG’s ULTRA HD provides flicker-free, high brightness, and comfortable 3D glasses.
Send us your best view in the world… and WIN LG’s Pocket Photo Printer
It may be the beach-side bedroom you woke up in on holiday, the sight of your first daily cup of coffee, or a group of best mates… Whatever your best view is, we want it. We’ll publish a selection at howtoliveit.co.uk, with one entrant winning LG’s Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer.
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