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  • Author Dave Stevenson
  • Published October 21, 2013

Top five things on NOW TV this week

Sky TV is more accessible that ever with NOW TV, which means you don’t have to miss your live sport or the latest movies. Here’s the pick of the week…

2012 Japanese Grand Prix - Sunday

Sky TV is more accessible that ever with NOW TV, which means you don’t have to miss your live sport or the latest movies. Here’s the pick of this week’s sporting action and latest film releases, exclusively on LG Smart TVs…
Sky Sports pass
Live Formula 1: The Indian Grand Prix
Sunday 27th October, 8:00am
Sky Sports F1, NOW TV
Will Sebastian Vettel wrap up the 2013 Formula 1 championship this weekend despite having four races left to run? Probably. Does that feel just a little anti-climactic? Undoubtedly. Still, in F1 anything can happen and there remains an utterly tiny chance that Alonso could nick it if Vettel endures a run of bad luck that makes getting struck by lightning look like a weekend at Butlins. If the inevitable happens, though, you’ll still be watching a bit of history: Vettel will be only the third driver in Formula 1 to wrap up four back-to-back championships, alongside greats Michael Schumacher and Fangio. A win for Vettel at the Buddh circuit will also bring him within one win of Schumacher’s record of 13 wins in a single season.
Live football: Barcelona v Real Madrid
Saturday 26th October, 5:10am
Sky Sports 2, NOW TV
The biggest fixture in European football or the biggest fixture in world football? Either way, this year’s first El Clásico features the likes of Messi and an in-form Ronaldo (12 goals in all fixtures this season), and last year’s corresponding feature produced a four-goal classic. Hosted at the legendary Nou Camp, domestic fixtures don’t come any bigger.
Sky Movies pass
Available Friday October 25
Sky Movies, NOW TV
Scared of the internet? It’s not all cat GIFs and baby pictures, as Disconnect will make you all too aware. Jason Bateman and Alexander Skarsgård star with Hope Davis in a convoluted but enthralling story about identity theft, cyber-bullying and trust. You’ll never look at Facebook the same way again.
The Guilt Trip
Coming soon
Sky Movies, NOW TV
Seth Rogan stars as a failed-to-launch chemical salesman whose bereaved mother (Barbara Streisand) convinces him to take her along on a road-trip of the US. Part road-comedy, part pseudo-Freudian mind-twister, it’s the chemistry between the main characters that provides The Guilt Trip’s spark.
Gangster Squad
Available Friday October 25
Sky Movies, NOW TV
Ignore the slight plot, iffy script and forgettable characters and enjoy Gangster Squad’s sensational cast, which includes Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and perennial How to Live It favourite Emma Stone. It’s all style rather than substance – The Godfather this ain’t – but with this much (often violent) eye candy, Gangster Squad is a worthy use of an HD TV.
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