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  • Author Dave Stevenson
  • Published October 10, 2013

5 things LG makes – that you didn’t know about

It’s all phones and tellies, isn’t it? Not so: LG builds everything from air conditioners to microwaves and here are a few things that LG makes – that you didn’t know about.


LG. It’s all phones and tellies, isn’t it? Not so: the South Korean company builds everything from air conditioners to microwaves. Here are a few things that LG makes – that you didn’t know about.


1. Designer washing machines.

Washing machines

That a company like LG – which has design expertise in a vast range of appliances – would be capable of building washing machines is no surprise. It’s more surprising that it’s managed to convince top designers such as Giles Deacon and Holly Fulton to help design them, giving the company’s white goods a much-needed fashion makeover in time for London Fashion Week. Obviously we refuse to use them, not being able to stand the thought of our washing machine being cooler than the clothes inside.


2. Photo printers

Photo printers

From the past to the present: the LG Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer is a battery-powered photo printer which uses an ingenious alternative to ink. Zink (Zero Ink) uses a cartridge of paper that reacts to heat to produce an image, meaning you run out of paper at exactly the same time you run out of ink, which means less printing-related frustration and quicker prints. Printing is done either via Bluetooth or through Android and iOS apps.


3. Bonkers viral videos


Strange TV ads


How do you prove how good your 84in Ultra HD TV is? Why, hang it on a wall showing a view of the outside world, then terrify unwitting job applicants by showing them their beloved home city – and possibly quite a lot else – being obliterated by an enormous asteroid. LG’s brilliant demonstration of its 84LM960V’s image quality went viral online and prompted a furious debate in the HTLI headquarters as to whether the reactions of the terrified “participants” was genuine or acted. See here


4. Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners

Not just any vacuum cleaners either. The LG Hom-Bot square is a fully robotised dirt-sucker. Twin cameras keep track of details on the ceiling and on the floor to make sure the Hom-Bot tracks true, while a turbo mode kicks things into high gear when Hom-Bot realises it’s on a carpet. The square design, plus longer side brushes, means the Hom-Bot won’t leave uncleaned bits tucked away in the corners of a room, while the digital bumper prevents Hom-Bot knocking things over via a combination of ultra-sonic, optical and accelerometer sensors. If this is the future of house cleaning, sign us up immediately.


5. The 3DO

The 3DO

Surprise! Yep, LG had a hand in the 3DO, everyone’s favourite mid-90s games console after the Playstation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64 and the Atari Jaguar. Actually, that’s us being a bit cruel; in truth the 3DO had a few cracking titles available, not least The Need for Speed, Cannon Fodder and Wolfenstein 3D. It also made a brave stab at revolutionising how games consoles were developed, with the 3DO Company licensing the console’s design to companies including Goldstar, which later became LG.


Dave Stevenson is reviewer for Stuff magazine


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