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  • Author Peter Skilton
  • Published September 26, 2013

Why the LG G2 is the world’s best smartphone

The LG G2 was named the ‘best smartphone in the world’ by Stuff.tv as it took top spot on its top-ten list. What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision gave it five stars as it took their accolade for the best smartphone too. But what is it that makes the G2 so good?



The LG G2 boasts a 13-megapixel camera, with the added bonus of Optical Image Stabilisation for sharp shooting in well-lit and low-light conditions, even without the false turned on. The detail in its shots is noticeably better than its rivals – a night on the town has never been documented in such high quality.


The built-in camera is a highly competent video tool too. Full HD 1080p video is recorded at a rival-beating 60 frames per second with results as clear and crisp as you’d expect. Clever camera functions make the tool even more accomplished. Tracking Zoom lets you select a subject that the camera will automatically zoom in on while its moving around, and Audio Zoom lets the phone focus on recording sound from a chosen point. Extra functions such as a dual camera mode and panorama feature add to the G2′s usability making it the only photographic tool you’ll need to carry.



The G2 takes its class-winning power from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor that runs Android 4.2.2 smoother than any of its rivals. No matter how many apps, games and videos you throw at it, it’ll run them all simultaneously and still be begging for more. The raw power of the G2 makes it a nifty web browsing tool that’ll load sites in their entirety in an instant, making for quick page scrolling. 4G users will be able to make the most of this on the go.


Bold buttons

As attractive as the G2′s slick black frontage is, it’s the back where things really get interesting. The G2′s slim lines are made possible by not having any side mounted buttons, instead they’re placed on the rear, just below the camera lens… Placed perfectly for the index finger, the buttons control the power and volume and are positioned to be used naturally with the phone in the palm of your hand. It might seem like an odd design, but once you’ve tried it you won’t want it any other way.



Neat tricks

If picking up your phone to bring it to life is too much hard work, then the G2′s clever Knock On, a clever touch-detecting screen will come in handy. Even when the phone is off it can notice a double tap to wake it up. Once the screen’s lit up you can swipe to unlock or double tap to lock again. It’s a bit like knocking on a door that then opens to give access to the G2.


You might think that being so powerful and capable comes at the expense of battery life, but you’d be wrong. The 3000mAh battery kept the G2 running for over 19 hours in a Stuff.tv review, with the phone being run at full capacity for the whole day – WiFi, Bluetooth and music playing throughout that time. Whatever the day holds, a fully charged G2 will run out of energy long after you have. It’s quick to charge, too, so you won’t be confined to a power socket for long.


With a 5.2in full HD display the G2′s screen delivers vibrant colours and glorious quality. 423 pixels per inch give a razor sharp image throughout the phone. Photos and 1080p video looks stunning on a screen your eyes will never get bored of ogling.


Tech specs

Operating system – Android 4.2.2
Processor – 2.26GHz Qualcom Snapdragon 800 with quad-core Krait CPU
Screen – 5.2in IPS with 1920×1080 resolution
Camera – 13-megapixel rear camera, 2-megapixel front
Storage – 16GB/32GB
Data – 4G LTE
Battery – 3000mAh
Dimensions – 138.5×70.9×8.9mm


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