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  • Author LG
  • Published September 24, 2013

The greatest phone in the world: LG G2

‘The best smartphone in the world’ Stuff, September 2013


“The LG G2 promised the moon on a stick when it was announced, and this fabulous smartphone does not disappoint,” said Stuff magazine in its review of the LG G2, on the way to crowning it the king of their Smartphone top-ten hierarchy. And comments such as ‘the greatest phone in the world right now’ don’t come lightly, especially seeing as certain rivals have released rivals since that can’t even come close.


What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision were equally as excited by the launch of the LG G2, giving it a five-star review when they got their hands on it. whathifi.com digital editor, Joe Cox, has even added it to his Christmas list…



‘The LG G2 is a brilliant phone. Its sound quality could be more engaging, though it does sound great with high-res audio. But arguably that’s outweighed by everything else on offer: a stunning display, ergonomic design, clever features, excellent camera, and power on tap’ concluded whathifi.com’s review.


For one title to be wowed by the G2 is something special, but for both to hold it in such high acclaim shows just how good this phone really is.


whathifi.com review


stuff.tv review


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