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  • Author John Steward
  • Published September 6, 2013

How to wall-mount your TV

Modern TVs are getting so thin that it almost seems daft not to hang them on the wall. Not only do you free-up space on your kit-rack, if it’s done properly it looks the business. What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision‘s John Steward tells you how to do it…


Modern TVs are getting so thin that it almost seems daft not to hang them on the wall. Not only do you free-up space on your kit-rack, if it’s done properly it looks the business. What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision‘s John Steward tells you how to do it…


Don’t just start drilling. It pays to plan ahead here – the old DIY adage of ‘measure twice, cut once’ applies. Also, plasterers are expensive if you mess up…


Do your research
Buy the correct mount and fixings for your specific TV. Err on the side of caution when it comes to the robustness of your wall and the fixings you’ll use – especially if you’re mounting on plasterboard.


Plan, plan and then plan some more
Are you going to be connecting a lot of sources to your TV? Are you using an AV receiver? In that case you’ll need cables. Buying longer ones isn’t that much more expensive.


Make a template
Cut out a piece of cardboard the same size as your screen and have a friend hold it up against the wall while you park yourself on the sofa. In an ideal world your eyes should be level with the bottom third of the screen – not looking up above a mantelpiece. Many people hang their TVs way too high up.


Measure… and then measure again
It’s normal to scrawl pencil marks all over the wall while you’re marking out the position of the bracket. You can always clean them off later – and it’s better to be safe that sorry.


Now that you’re ready to start wielding tools, make a cup of tea and get stuck in.


Mark out the wall stud points


The bracket needs to be fixed to something solid. If you’re mounting your TV on a concrete wall, you’re laughing. But in this example we’re dealing with plasterboard. So, it’s out with the electronic stud-finder – we mark their positions in pencil. This wall has metal studs, so we’re adding additional screws to the ones that come with the bracket, just to be safe. Remember to check for wires, too…


Position the bracket


The mount should have come with some sort of template. Stick it on the wall (use Blu-tack if necessary), lining up the fixing points with the studs you’ve just marked. Make sure you install it as centrally as possible in relation to the final position of the TV. You’ll probably have to compromise a little here due to the stud positions, but most brackets allow for some side-to-side adjustment. Got a spirit level? Use it. And remember to mark any additional anchor points shown on the template.


Get drilling – but start small


Make a final check for wiring in the areas you’re about to drill, and then start with a small pilot hole to make sure you’re definitely hitting the studs. This is your last chance to reposition the template and check your marks if need be, so make it count. If, as we are here, you’re using extra anchors, put them where there aren’t any studs. They need to spread out across the back of the plasterboard to spread the TV’s weight evenly.


Fix the mount to the wall


Call your friend back and have them hold the bracket to the wall while you screw in the fixings. Is it the right way up? Check again… Now screw everything semi-tight and adjust it if necessary. Clean the marks off the wall, double-check it’s all level and then tighten everything up completely.


Sort out the TV


The bracket will also have parts that fix to the back of your TV set. Lay the screen down on the floor – use a soft, clean blanket or duvet to protect it. Now fix the other half of the mount to the rear panel. And for the love of all that is pure, don’t use an electric screwdriver to tighten it: you might crack the screen. Do it by hand.


Hang it up


This is a two-person job. Carefully position the TV against the wall-mount. It should be pretty straightforward to get it into the right position. Lower it slowly and lock it in place if your bracket lets you. Make any last adjustments to tilt and position, then lock it all down. Done. Bear in mind that you might need to connect your cables to the TV before you put it on the bracket.


Tidying up


In our example we’ve used some cable-trunking to conceal all the wiring hanging down from the back of the TV. But if you’re of a mind, you can chase it into the wall and plaster over it for a seamless finish.


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