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  • Author Peter Skilton
  • Published September 2, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises

One of the biggest comic book superheroes in action, again… Batman’s no stranger to the big screen, but this time he’s back in force like never before. Best comic book-based movie ever? It’s certainly up there…


The Dark Knight Rises
Saturday 7th September, 12:10pm
Sky Movies, NOW TV


Christoper Nolan and Christian Bale are out. Their Batman days over, as Warner Bros announce the next instalment in the superhero’s crime-fighting existence will be alongside fellow lycra-clad icon Superman.


But to say that Nolan and Bale bowed out quietly would be an understatement. The Dark Knight Rises completes the trilogy that has redefined the Batman franchise, which had big footsteps to follow in. But Batman’s reputation is in tatters, and he’s out to clear his name. It’s never easy in Gotham City, and with a new villain in town by the name of Bane. Batman’s also got another crook on his tail in the form of Gotham’s finest cat burglar (Anne Hathaway), all while he falls for one of Wayne Enterprises’ board members. Your average human would struggle to deal with the pressure. Fortunately, Batman’s got help in the form of butler Alfred (Michael Caine) and gadget expert Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).


It’s action from start to finish, and a fitting ending to one of the best Superhero trilogies of all time. And it’s available on LG Smart TVs through the exclusive NOW TV app, which gives access to Sky movies without the subscription. Get your Sky Movies pass and enjoy more great superhero films for one month.



Peter Skilton writes for Stuff magazine


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