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  • Author Luke Edwards
  • Published August 23, 2013

How to have a carnival at home

Six gadgets to help avoid the crowds but still add some carnival flavour to your bank holiday weekend


It’s the August Bank Holiday, that means only one thing to everyone: Notting Hill Carnival. Now, we all know that the idea of the Carnival is easier than the reality, so here’s six gadgets, picked by Stuff Magazine’s Luke Edwards, to help avoid the crowds but still have a Caribbean/South American flavour to your bank-holiday weekend…




GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition £360

What better way to capture all the carnival action than in glorious 1080p at 60fps – to be watched back in crystal clear clarity at home. Every costume, every dance, every hot sauce spillage. And with myriad mounts in the box you can keep your hands free to enjoy a beer and some nice jerk chicken.




Beer Holster £14

Carnivals can get pretty tightly packed and if you want to focus on dancing, without wearing your beer, a holster is the way forward. It gets you in the spirit of dressing up, while carrying a beer, and looking like Clint Eastwood all at once. It’s hard to remember why we haven’t always worn one.




LG 55in Smart TV £1600

Notting Hill Carnival first aired its awesome entertainment online in 2007, where people huddled around their laptops to enjoy. Now that you can own a Smart TV you can take in the whole show, on the couch, eating your own bbq chicken and not even breaking a sweat while feeling part of the event. The huge 55in LG should help to make that as immersive as possible.




MarcO-Grill 3000 £110

If you’re going to the carnival why not cook your own BBQ and make money selling your wares? Marco Pierre White has made it possible with this super portable gas barbeque that even folds up to offer a carry handle. Now you just need to figure out where to hang your hot sauce.




Light My Fire Spork Titanium £12

There’s a bewildering array of the best street food you’ll ever eat at a carnival. You can recreate the food at home, but it really needs to be enjoyed in the same street vendor way – with a paper plate and plastic fork. Plastic forks break, metal is too homely, so get the best of both worlds with a Spork made from the same grade of titanium as space shuttles.




LG PD233 pocket photo printer

Once you’ve captured all of your carnival photos you’re going to want to share them. But why lose them in to cyber space when you can print them out to be kept forever? The pocket printer allows quick, and easy, printing straight from your smartphone putting the memorable moments in your hands in minutes. Why not get a cork board and pin them up, just like we used to.


Luke Edwards is the multimedia journalist for Stuff magazine


Enjoy a life’s good moment with LG Pocket Photo at the Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday 25 August, 2013. Look out for LG’s experts among the crowd to print your favourite carnival photo.


LG won the prestigious Which? Best Audio-Visual Brand 2013 recently. Find out more information here

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