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  • Author Esat Dedezade
  • Published August 14, 2013

European Holiday Survival Kit

A tech guide that will help you make the most of the more extreme European festivals that happen each year – from Stuff’s Esat Dedezade


The second annual Palio di Siena takes place on Friday August 16. It’s a wonderful, crazy horse race in a crowded Italian square – and it’s only one of many bonkers European festivals that happen each year. Here’s a smattering of tech goodies to help you survive the toughest of Euro trips…




Gadget Olympus Tough TG-820 £250

Essential for surviving the red peril

Event La Tomatina, Buñol, Valencia, August 28 (see here)

You know that festival thing where people chuck tomatoes at each other? Turns out it’s actually real, and it takes place in the Valencian town of Buñol. Don your goggles, wipe out your speedos and capture every drop of splattered tomato juice with the rugged waterproof Olympus Tough TG-820. It’s waterproof to 10m, shockproof to 2m and crushproof to 100kg. It’ll outlast you and your tomato shenanigans with laughable ease.




Gadget BubbleScope £50

Essential for watching from a place you can’t watch

Event Palio di Siena, Siena, Italy, August 16 (see here for this year’s first race on July 2)

If you prefer something a little more competitive and a small bit less like a battle then perhaps Siena’s bareback horse race will be more up your street. A lot of the poor fellows are thrown off their rides during the piazza’s treacherous turns and you can ensure you won’t miss a single fall despite the packed crowds, thanks to this handy smartphone attachment which lets you take 360-degree panoramic photos with a single shot.




Gadget Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ £140

Essential for shedding weight through terror

Event Bull running, Pamplona, Spain, July 7 to 14 (ok, you’ve missed it, but see here)

Right, so you’ve gone stark raving bonkers and you’re hell bent on challenging yourself and risking life and limb in the process. Forget parachute jumping, that’s for cautious Cuthberts. Why not run away from a sharp-horned raging bull along the Spanish streets of Pamplona instead? These lightweight Nike Flyknit Lunar trainers will keep you nippy on your toes while Nike + compatibility means you can track how many calories you’ve burnt through sheer fear alone.




Gadget Brew2Go £17

Essential for beer without the pain

Event Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany, September 21 to October 6 (see here)

Ah, Oktoberfest. A glorious 16-day festival devoted entirely to the wondrous German amber nectar of the gods – beer. Or to be more specific, beer thats a minimum of 6% strength and brewed within the city limit of Munich. But we digress. Go, enjoy, but make sure you don’t waste a drop. This ingenious portable beer cup not only insulates and keeps your beer cold, but it’s non-spillable too. Unlike you and your wobbly legs.




Gadget Manfrotto compact tripod £50

Essential for photographing the gods

Event The Northern Lights, Norway, from September (see here)

From September onwards, northern Norway’s skyline offers up one of the Earth’s most amazing visual delights – the Northern Lights. While we’re not too sure about the science (something about the Earth’s magnetic field and… something), we do know that it’s the heavenly sight to behold, and one you’ll want to keep in mind forever. So don’t even think about shooting them without a tripod though. This portable offering from Manfrotto should set you up for some decent snaps without breaking your back in the process.




Gadget LG Smart TV

Essential for showing off your memories to your mates

Event Home viewing

What good is avoiding the business end of a bull or being doused in tomato juice if you can’t share it with your friends? An LG Smart TV is the perfect way to flaunt your adventures on a big screen. Coupled with its social network smarts, your Oktober fest antics won’t have to be limited to your living room either. You can watch uploaded YouTube video footage on the built-in Smart TV app. Now take a rest. You deserve it.


Esat Dedezade is staff writer on Stuff magazine and Stuff.tv


LG won the prestigious Which? Best Audio-Visual Brand 2013 recently. Find out more information here

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