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  • Author Luke Edwards
  • Published August 12, 2013

Five best Athletics games

As it’s the World Athletics Championships in Moscow, Luke Edwards has decided to celebrate by dusting down the five best track-and-field games he can find…


It’s the World Athletics Championships in Moscow: no one normal can match Usain Bolt’s speed or Mo Farah’s stamina in real life – but we can all dream…

Here are the track-and-field games that have made us laugh, cry and our fingers bleed (Daley Thompson’s Decathalon has left its scars).


1 Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics
£28, Nintendo 3DS
Two of the biggest rivalries of all time – in gaming – go head to head on the track at London’s iconic Olympic Park. Sure we know which blue spikey speed demon will win the sprints, but with discus, long jump, hurdles, team events and more on offer the podium could be anyone’s. Throw in some twists from the various game-playing universes and chase scenes round London’s iconic landmarks and it’ll keep you entertained – if not challenged. With plenty of famous characters from the Mario and Sonic games in each event, you’ll know everyone competing – for once.



2 Track and Field II
£Free, 2flashgames.com
An absolute classic for athletic battles of the 8-bit variety. So, ahem, classic, at over 20 years old, you can actually play this one online for free. It’s a bit of a button basher but we defy you to play for a short while without getting excited.



3 Wii Summer Athletics
£15, amazon.co.uk
With 27 races, multiple locations and a career mode this game gets addictive even before you crack out the balance board. Using the movement controllers of the Wii isn’t only fun but also alleviates guilt about not actually doing the exercise for real. Sort of.



4 Denise Lewis Heptathlon
£Free, agame.com
A classic button bashing arcade style game. Sure it’s not going to win any awards for graphics but for energy-used to excitement-reached this game is hitting all the right ratios to make it on the list. The fact it’s free is just another bonus that keeps us out of the real gym a moment longer.



5 High Dive Hero
£Free, agame.com
A free online game that challenges you to find the perfect diving angle. While it might not be Tom-Daley-level complex it’s more addictive than you’d imagine. OK – it might not technically be track-and-field but it’s too fun to ignore: seriously we’re warning you, only check this out if you’ve got some time on your hands.



Luke Edwards is the multimedia journalist for Stuff magazine


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