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  • Author Peter Skilton
  • Published July 26, 2013

The best Smart TV apps for… holidays

Going on holiday can be stressful – where to go, what to take, what to do – but it doesn’t have to be. You can’t take your LG Smart TV with you but you can use it to plan ahead


The Weather Channel

It’s expensive to take luggage abroad – airlines charging for the privilege of putting a suitcase in the hold. With this in mind it’s never been more vital to pack strategically. Check the weather, load accordingly and never pay for anything unnecessary again.


Panorama TV

Is the sea clear? Are the beaches golden? They’re vital criteria for a holiday. But don’t just take the word of a fellow traveller, instead log on to hundreds of web cams around the world and explore your destination before you’ve even arrived.


Amazing adventures around the world

If you don’t know where Fuerteventura is then you’ll need a quick geography lesson. It doesn’t need to be as dull as you remember from school, instead learn where you’re going with an interactive around-the-world game.


First Aid

Sri Lanka has the highest population of venomous snakes on the planet. If that hasn’t put you off you’ll need to know exactly how to deal with a snake bite. Swot up on this and other must-know first-aid skills before you leave and travel in safety.


Breeding tropical fish at home

After a week of snorkelling in the clear blue, you’ve shared the water with colourful fish and decorative corals and you are smitten. Recreate the relaxing holiday atmosphere at home with a tank of fish. The app won’t feed them but it’ll help.


Peter Skilton writes for Stuff magazine


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