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London 2012 Olympic Games

By Edward Craig | 274 days ago

One year ago, London and Great Britain reluctantly began to celebrate its own existence.


The Olympic Games had hung over the city drawing cynicism and swiping about expense, mismanagement and a general feeling that the country was on the eve of national shame.


On one glorious evening it became quickly apparent just how wrong those cynics had got it: the Opening Ceremony changed everything.


Danny Boyle’s production – Isles of Wonder – welcomed the start of the Games and celebrated Britain with wry British humour and high-level British production values. From introducing live animals into the Stadium, to blowing up the earth, from David Beckham in a speedboat to the Queen parachuting to her seat (did that really happen?!) – the whole bonkers spectacle made Britain proud and kicked off three weeks of astonishing home sporting achievement.


If ever there was a time to crack open the Blu-ray and relive the magic, it’s on the Games’ anniversary. This is a stunning souvenir – the Olympics themselves was an astonishing live HD and 3D broadcast, the Blu-ray captures that quality – with some of the rough edges smoothed.


For the Opening Ceremony, the sound is DTS Lossless (HD) 5.1 and there’s the option to turn off the BBC commentary and let Danny Boyle’s spectacle speak alone – and there are plenty of sections the live broadcast missed re-edited in, so you can enjoy every inch of that brilliant first evening, as well as the odd behind-the-scenes extra.


There’s also the small matter of the sport – three discs worth of highlights with a very Team GB focus, for good or ill. This is not for Australians. There’s so much to get through – you can almost watch it in real time.



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Edward Craig was deputy editor of the London 2012 Daily Programmes