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  • Author Peter Skilton
  • Published July 22, 2013

The Trip

Steve Coogan hasn’t been sat doing nothing since Alan Partridge left our screens, as this simple, semi-improvised, BAFTA-award winning series shows

The Trip

The Alan Partridge movie, Alpha Papa, premieres this month sparking the revival of one of comedy’s favourite characters. But Steve Coogan hasn’t been sat doing nothing since he left our screens in 2002, as this simple, semi-improvised, BAFTA-award winning series shows…


The Trip
Friday July 26, 10pm


As the long summer evenings continue, broadcasters scramble to put together a schedule that might entice people out of the garden and back in front of their TVs. In reality though, nobody is going to retreat indoors until at least 9pm, perhaps later if armed with a decent citronella candle and supplies of insect repellent.


By 10 o’clock on Friday evening you’ll be rewarded for venturing back inside, the BBC treating viewers to a repeat of BAFTA award-winning comedy series The Trip, starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.


The backbone of the comedy seems too simple to be any good – throw two comedians in a car, send them on a tour of the Lake District and film the semi-improvised results. It’s this simplicity, however, that results in the highly acclaimed hit.


Playing themselves, albeit slightly fictionalised, exaggerated versions, the real-life best friends travel under the cover of Coogan’s newspaper review of the North’s best restaurants. Brydon wouldn’t be there had Coogan’s girlfriend not dumped him just days before and what unravels is a six-part series of hilarious impressions, playful banter and comical bickering.


It’s simple viewing for a Friday evening that won’t fail to entertain, even if the mosquitoes have feasted on you just an hour earlier. Fabulous landscape imagery of the Lake District – and some mouth-watering food photography – hold the whole production together. As do the brilliant places they stay: “To bed! Tomorrow we ride! We leave at 10-ish.”


Peter Skilton writes for Stuff magazine


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