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  • Author Esat Dedezade
  • Published July 17, 2013

Make the most of the hot summer

Summer has arrived and is biting hard – here’s a bunch of gear to help you make the most out of the sweltering weather

Make the most of the hot summer

The heavens have opened, the mercury has heated up and the great British summer has arrived, slathering us in either glorious sunshine or oppressive heat (viewpoint depending). Here’s a bunch of gear to help you make the most out of the sweltering weather.


Dyson AM01 12in: desk fan



This Dyson fan might not suck up dust like it’s vacuum brothers but its fan-less design will be a godsend on those uncomfortably hot and sticky nights. Drawing in and amplifying the air by 15 times, it’ll give you a proper night’s kip without posing a threat to your inquisitive cat/dog/small child who all seem hypnotised by spinning blades rather easily.


Marshall MS-4 Micro Stack: portable amp



Don’t be put off by the adorable looks of this mini battery-powered portable Marshall stack amp. It might be tiny but it packs enough of a punch to let you step out of your dingy garage and jam in the glorious sunshine, cider in hand and surrounded by groupies. Well, the sunshine part is true anyway.


BioLite: camp stove



Perfect camping weather needs perfect camping gadgets. Feed this handy little camp stove with sticks and twigs, set them alight and marvel as you harness the power of fire to charge your smartphone. Not only that but it works as a regular stove too, so you can heat up your supper while juicing up at the same time. Man’s greatest invention does it again, providing hot soup and a full bar of battery all in one go.


PowerTraveller SolarGorilla: solar charger



Fire isn’t the only power Mother Nature has to offer. Harness the energy of the sun’s mighty rays and charge your tech while you munch away on a chequered rug with this portable rugged solar charger. It’ll juice up tablets, smartphones and everything in between, and it’s water resistant too – handy for the inevitable British summer downpour which – let’s face it – is just around the corner.


LG NP3530: portable speaker



This minimalist-styled LG speaker looks like it’s ready for summer, and that’s because it definitely is. Featuring Bluetooth for wire-free playback, its light weight means it’s easily portable, so where you go it can too. Throw in eight hours of battery life and you’ll be ready to leave the beach long before it grows tired pumping out your music.


Esat Dedezade is staff writer on Stuff magazine


Too hot to go outside? Relax in the indoor cool, watching the summer’s sport, on an LG Smart TV

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