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  • Author Dave Stevenson
  • Published July 10, 2013

Expert guide: the LG 55LA860W

Good looks, plenty of brains and controllable with voice commands – but that’s enough about us. The innovative 55in LG 55LA860W could be the ticket to your dream living room


Good looks, plenty of brains and controllable with voice commands – but that’s enough about us. The innovative 55-inch LG 55LA860W could be the key to creating your dream living room.

We like our TVs to be all-singing, all-dancing here at How to Live It. After all, Full HD is all well and good, but these days we’d rather be dodging baddies in glorious 3D, with a smattering of Smart TV interactivity on the side. Oh, and while the boxy LCD tellies of the past were ok compared to what went before, these days we’d really prefer a barely-there bezel and the kind of slim good looks you’d expect to see on the red carpet during awards season.

LG’s latest offering is the spectacular looking – it’s only 3cm deep without the stand – 55LA860W. The good looks are, if anything, better than last year’s handsome model, and the card-based user interface for accessing and organising apps works well. When it comes to actually watching TV you get no fewer than six pairs of passive 3D glasses for compatible content, and for video that hasn’t made the leap to HD, the 55LA860W offers Full HD up-scaling to keep the jump from HD to standard-def smooth.

Of course, this is all for naught if the picture’s no good, but the 55LA860W offers an “impressive and immersive watch” – so says none other than WhatHifi.com. The sharp, well-defined picture comes in for praise as well, with fine detail reproduced with a good level of clarity. The LG’s colour reproduction also gets the WhatHiFi.com seal of approval, because of its “strikingly natural colour palette” and “just right” colour balance.side

With the big considerations out of the way, the 55LA860W offers plenty of further reasons to indulge. There’s NFC pairing with a mobile phone for screen sharing, plus a vibrant app store with plenty of options for those looking for catch-up TV without resorting to a set-top box or games console.

Those with particularly fully-featured home entertainment setups are catered for by no fewer than four HDMI ports, and the visitor-impressing tricks continue with the clever voice command feature built into the Magic Remote, allowing you to control your TV from your sofa without needing to bellow at the set. Ingenious, clever and above all a deeply, deeply tempting TV that should be on the shortlist of anyone creating a top-end living room.

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