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  • Author Dave Stevenson
  • Published July 9, 2013

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Blink and you’ll miss something important, but Guy Ritchie’s debut feature film is one of the best British films ever.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Saturday 13th July, 10pm

We’re as unhappy as you to learn that a film from as recent as 1998 is now a genuine classic, but at least Lock Stock… is a cracker. You either know the plot like the back of your hand or you hate films, but for the uninitiated, four lads (Nick Moran, Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher and a pre-Transporter Jason Statham) get miles over their heads in a card game. The rub? They end up owing half a million pounds (or 50,000 Ayrton Sennas for those who count exclusively in Cockney) to some downright terrifying characters including Barry the Baptist (Lenny McLean) and the superbly cast Big Chris (Vinnie Jones). You might also keep an eye peeled for an appearance by Rob Brydon as London’s unluckiest traffic warden.

The convoluted, interwoven plotlines blast along like a white van on Mile End Road, but all the thrills and spills here come from the terrific characters, machine-gun script and lightning fast cinematography, which keep this East End heist thriller moving at a mesmerising rate. Subtle it ain’t, but when the action’s this good, who are we to resist?

Dave Stevenson writes for Stuff magazine

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